Crafting with Kids: Making Fun out of Winter

I have to admit that I am most certainly not a winter person. In fact, even something as simple as going to an appointment takes a lot of convincing (I mean come on, it’s cold out there!!!). So bundling up so my daughter can play in the snow doesn’t necessarily rank high on my ‘to do’. Don’t get me wrong, I get her outside but that does not mean it’s my favorite thing to do! I’d much rather be inside doing our same old art projects. Boring right??

We went outside to play the other day and sadly, the snow wasn’t right for a snowman (which my daughter has been asking to build since the first snow). It was however the perfect snow for snow angels!!!

I never was good at these when I was younger but for the life of me I can’t tell you why it did not occur to me to show my daughter how to do them. The simple act of her doing this (which I admit was learned from one of her shows) reminded me that just because she was born into a society that relies on technology and just like many children loves watching TV, doesn’t mean I can’t teach her to do things I did when I was little!!!

Thankfully, she loves being outside and convincing her to get bundled up won’t be nearly as hard as convincing myself that going out is indeed a good idea.

Maybe winter will be fun for me again too???

What do you and your kids like to do outside during the winter??

Meet Stephanie! She’s a 24 year old stay at home Mom, who couldn’t ask for a better blessing than to be home with her daughter!! Their favorite things to do together is working on art projects and they enjoy sharing them with people at Crafting with Bug!! In her free time she enjoys reading and scrapbooking!!

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