Coupons in Unexpectd Places

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Are you on the hunt for coupons? Do you look anywhere and everywhere?

Last week I found some great coupons in unexpected places. I was at Harris Teeter and they had a big truck in front of the store and they were grilling steak for samples. The steak was very good and a nice sample size. I asked the gentleman if he had any coupons. What do you know, he handed me a pamphlet with a $4 and $5 off Harris Teeter steak purchase! Wow, coupons for steak, that never seems to happen! If you see people giving out samples, always ask for coupons.

I bought the Snyder’s of Hanover pretzel convient packs. I had coupons and they ended up being $1 a box. Inside the package was a coupon booklet (picture above). There are some great coupons in there: $1.00 off of JIF to Go, $1.00/2 Juicy Juice, $1.00/2 Snyder’s, (2) .50¢ Eggland’s Best eggs, .50¢ New York frozen product, $1.00/$5.00 Crayola purchase. I will wait to use the $1 coupons for the next Super Doubles, which should mean some inexpensive JIF and pretzels. So, always look inside packages and open the package inserts.

I have also found coupons on the product packaging. Probably the weirdest was a coupon on the back of a yogurt lid; yes the foil part. I just washed it and it was good to go! Look on the inside of cardboard package (cereal boxes, yogurt 4 packs, granola bars, etc.). I now have my husband trained to look for coupons on the box before he trashes it!

What is the most unusual or unexpected place you have found a coupon?


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  1. Lynn says

    Check inside the box of Reynolds parchment paper. I found a $1.00 off/2 coupon for next purchase. The same with Shout Color Catcher. There are always coupons on the inside of the box. Although I check all boxes I have had to alert my Family to do the same. My Daughter checked the box of the Red Baron pizza she bought to bake for lunch and found a $ .75 coupon for singles.

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