Coupons for the troops: Thank you for those who are still protecting us

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On 9/11 we remember our troops and the people who serve our country. We are reminded of those who we lost and how 9/11 changed our world. This is a day to take a moment of silence and be thankful that the country we live in one founded on Freedom. A country where we all can contribute in a way that is big or small. In my heart shall reside those who have given up everything for the life that I enjoy. Thank you from my family and myself your service means everything!


Have your coupons expired? Well send them to our troops every cent counts when your income is limited. These guys and gals work long hours in conditions that are unimaginable. Do your part to help them help their families. Here is a super website that will allow you to help out in your area. CLICK HERE

Just some of the RULES

Where can I find coupons to send?

    Coupons can be found in many, many places. The most common place is in the weekend edition of your local newspapers. They can also be found in magazines, on the shelves at the grocery store, on product packaging, printed off the internet, or in your mailbox.

What kinds of coupons can they use overseas?

    • Coupons for products such as vitamins, joint supplements, hair colorings and cosmetics are not in high demand.
    • Coupons for baby products, including diapers, baby wipes, formula, and skincare items are in very high demand.
    • Coupons that are to used at a specific store (such as those found in a weekly sales flyer) cannot be used overseas.
  • Most manufacturer’s coupons can be used. There are of course exceptions, such as products that are sold only in certain geographical locations in the U.S. For instance, milk coupons for your local dairy brand are not sold on an overseas base, and so would not be used.

How much does it cost to mail coupons overseas?

    Postal rates for envelopes and packages being mailed to a military APO/FPO address are the same rates as envelopes and packages mailed within the United States. The United States Postal Service offers several sizes of flat rate mailers which can help keep your postage cost down, if you are sending a lot of coupons. For more information, please see the USPS website here.

Do the coupons need to packaged in a particular way?

    • Food products (including beverages)
    • Health and Beauty Items (soaps, lotions, medications, hygiene items, etc.)
    • Baby items (including diapers, wipes, baby foods and formulas)
    • Pet items
    • Non-Food (including household cleaning products, and anything else that doesn’t fall into any of the other categories)
  • Coupons should be cut and sorted into a few categories, especially when you are sending more than a small envelope full of coupons. If coupons are sorted into the following categories, it will help the military families find what they need more quickly.Zippered plastic sandwich bags are a great way to separate the coupons and are lightweight enough that it won’t greatly affect the postage costs.

    MADAME DEALS supports our TROOPS we are listed as collectors of COUPONS for the troops.
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