Coupons for Overseas Troops

We mailed the first packages containing unwanted and expired coupons to the Navy Base in Sicily. It took two 81/2×11 envelopes to hold all of the coupons and the envelopes weighed 3.5 pounds! That is a lot of coupons! Thank you for all of you who dropped off coupons at Mail Boxes Express and Child Connections. There were many of you who personally handed us your coupons too and we so appreciate you!

We will continue to collect unwanted and expired coupons for the troops. Please remember that they need to be manufactures coupons and they can not be internet printable coupons. Also, it is helpful if you sort the coupons into two categories: Food and Non-Food items. We were so lucky to have some boys volunteer to separate and even cut some of the coupons. Thank you Bradley, Benjamin and Blake! This project is a great way to get your kids involved in community service.


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