Couponing "The Test"- Can Anyone do this?


Well, I put my theory to the test that anyone can do this. The subject of my experiment is an officer in the Navy, a salesman, athlete, father, husband (mine), and the person most likely not to be in the grocery store.  We have always differed on our approach to shopping in the grocery store from the very beginning of our relationship. I bought food and he bought lettuce and water. You read right that is what he was going to eat for the week! This diet that he picked was because he was frugal and believed that one should eat healthy. This is why my then boyfriend and now husband does not go to the store. The rest of us like to eat more than the diet of a rabbit.

We have always differed on the amount I spent at the grocery store. He thinks $20 is sufficient I think what it takes to eat well rounded meals if sufficient no matter what it cost. I believed food shopping in not where we make cuts. We can do without expensive items but I was not going to do without eating what I want.  In the past before “my life with coupons” we spent an average of $175 on groceries. This is for our family of four which includes two kids. This did not include diapers and household stuff add another $25 a week. We were at $800 a month. Wow! Well my husband challenged me to cut the budget. I had my reasons I wanted the money for something else. His challenge was spend less and you can keep whatever you do not spend. I took on this challenge starting in April I am at about $100.00 a week for everything. I figured it was time to challenge him since I have completed my challenge with overwhelming success! I have successfully paid $2,500 towards my daughter’s college education note she is 15 months!

I decided I would see if he could do what I do. I mean print out the Madame Deals shopping list, organize the coupons by gathering them from my Madame Deals coupon Solution, and then hitting the store. My husband is competitive by nature and especially when it comes to outdoing me. He grabbed his stuff and hit the road. I was surprised when he left the house early for work and attempted his Harris Teeter trip before work. I guess he was excited to see how well he could do on his own.

The results with two calls I guess we could call these phone “an expert calls”……

He asked, “I have more than 20 coupons why?” My response,”you do not know what is available so you should have more prepared than you need. You need to select the 20 products you need most. That is all that will double.”

“What do I do if I have buy 3 on the coupon?” My response,”Buy 3.”


Not bad for his first time. He was overcharged on several items. This results from not knowing your price and not going to the manager to have it corrected. He also bought a buy one get one free product and used only one coupon. This is a big NO! Why? The store will charge you 50% for the first product and 50% for the second so he spent $3.00 for one and $.50 for the one that he used a coupon on. The other rookie mistake is not choosing the smallest and cheapest size product. This is usually the easiest way to save the most money. I would say he spent $5.00 more than I would have. This is not bad since he spent just over $15.00 and saved $40.00. We also saved on gas since the store is less than two blocks from his office. This more than made up for the “over spending.”

The response to my title is yes! The point is even if you are a “rookie” you can still cut your bottom line spending $15.00 is a lot better than spending $55 on the same items.

The pay off my husband spent last night hanging out and clipping coupons because he now wants to help by shopping before or after work when he can.

Thanks Honey! I love you!

It is NOT what you Save but what you SPEND!


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    Two thumbs up to your husband! Once you get them started and they see the savings, they invariably get hooked. My husband usually goes shopping with me (and is very good at keeping me on task) so he’s seen the process first hand. Last week, I learned he liked Special K after I bought Special K breakfast bars. He then went back to the store and using the coupons I gave him, worked the deal PERFECTLY!

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