Couponing for the Extremely Normal: Tip #5

Welcome to Couponing for the Extremely Normal! Have you watched the new TLC series “Extreme Couponing“? If so, you must realize how extreme these couponers can be.

Here at Madame Deals, we believe in saving by using coupons but not to the extreme extent which the TLC series portrays.  We prefer to take a realistic approach to saving and stockpiling.

In order help you extreme coupon in a realistic way, we will be bringing you several tips each week.  Here’s tip #5: My tip: is Time is Money and everything costs something!

Okay, so my take on tonight’s show is simple. It is buy what you need. If you do not have a baby, do not buy diapers.  It costs money to store things. It takes up space. The most important thing it takes is time to plan trips, cut coupons, find the items, buy the items, take the items out of the car, bring them inside, and place them on shelves.

I went to the doctor’s office with my son this week. I realized he will soon be 1 year old. I looked at him and wondered when he got so big. What day did he go from a little preemie to this 21lb baby? I guess I think this way time is money. I believe that you can’t get time back. I believe it is important to live in your budget. It is important to use coupons to help you do so. It is NOT important to plan trips to buy things you do not need. It is not important to run to the store to get the next best deal if it means missing the best deals which are those found  at home.

* * * Let us know how we can help you on your Extremely Normal Coupon journey! * * *

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    What I great post! I totally agree! And my son just turned one two weeks ago and I was wondering the same thing…when did he get so big?? (he was also a preemie) Thanks for the great tips for us “normal” deal seekers. : )

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