Couponing for the Extremely Normal: The Right Way

Welcome to Couponing for the Extremely Normal!

With all continuing hype over TLC’s Extreme Couponing show, we’d like to remind our readers there is a right and a wrong way to use coupons.  Since Target is one of our reader’s favorite places to shop, we thought we’d share some tips from and article we found on the Target Savers blog.

1.  Use Coupons with Sales

2.  Stack Manufacturer and Store Coupons for even better savings

3.  Smaller is Better – coupons paired with smaller size packages generally net greater overall savings

4.  Trade Coupons – trade them with your sister, neighbor, or child’s teacher.  They don’t buy the same things you buy.

5.  Print online coupons – the inserts in Sunday’s paper are getting thinner every week.  Watch for printable coupons and print them before they run out.

For more tips, check out Use Coupons the Right Way: Ten Simple Tips to Help You Save Big Bucks here!

What are some of your simple tips for saving big bucks?

Let us know how your extremely normal coupon journey is coming along.  We love to hear from our readers!

Want to see more tips?  Click here!


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