Couponing for the Extremely Normal: Super Bowl Stock Up

Welcome to Couponing for the Extremely Normal!

This is a great week to stock up on your “game day” staples.  The Super Bowl is on Sunday and stores are competing for your game day dollars.  A quick look at this week’s store ads reveals great deals on items such as chips, sodas, paper goods, condiments, crackers, pickles, peanuts and crackers.  These items all have shelf lives of at least three to six months.

Now is the time to apply what Madame Deals calls the “Cheerio factor.”  It goes like this:  if you normally pay $4 for a box of Cheerios and can buy a box on sale (with or without a coupon) for $2, then buy 2 boxes.  You haven’t spent any more than you would have normally and you now have twice as much.

Check your pantry and figure out what you need to stock up on.  Make a list, gather your coupons and go for it!  You have to start somewhere and this is a great time to do it.  Click on your store below to find this week’s Super Bowl deals!

Albertson’s | ALDI | All You | Bi-Lo | CVS | Dollar General | Food Lion | Farm Fresh | Fresh Market | Giant | Giant Eagle | Harris Teeter | Harvey’s | Heb | Hyvee | Ingles | Kmart | Kroger | Lowes | Martin’s | Meijer | Pick ‘N Save | Piggly Wiggly | Price Chopper | Publix | Randalls | Rite Aid | Safeway | Shop Rite | Stater Bros | Sweetbay | Target | Tops | Walgreens | Walmart | Wegmans | Weis | Whole Foods | Winn Dixie

What game day products do you plan to stock up on this week?

Let us know how your extremely normal coupon journey is coming along.  We love to hear from our readers!

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  1. trishden says

    My local Shoprite has Emerald Nuts on sale and with a coupon I can get them for .24 cents. I’ll be sure to stock up. Now to find those coupons.

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