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Are you on facebook? I am sure most of are. If you are reading my site it is because you like a great deal. You must be someone who likes to get the most for their hard earned dollar.  If you are like me you want to be able to access a good deal quickly and most likely from your smart phone. There is an app for that and it is found on facebook!

I know another app but this one is so easy to use. It makes saving money by using a coupon something everyone can do. You simply sign up and search. That is it.  You can see if a deal worked because you are able to rate your success. You can have selected coupons delivered to your in box. You can select the brands you want to know about to make sure you are aware of their sales and deals.

If you could save $20 off your purchase why wouldn’t you? If could spend three minutes looking up a coupon prior to checking out why wouldn’t you?  If you spend your time on facebook why not spend some time doing research and making your money stretch further? You should use Coupons by  as your source for easy to access coupons all while  figuring out what your best friend had for dinner. I know that I spend a lot of time on facebook at least now I can find a way to save money while shopping I am there.


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