Coupon Shopping: What a trip

So coupons are not for everyone. They take time. It takes work. Well it took about 1 hour including the trip to the store and I didn’t spend $112.00. I ended up spending $49.95. The good news is I bought all my laundry soap for the next 5 months for $10.00. In fact since I started using coupons I haven’t paid for dish soap.  I haven’t paid for dishwasher soap for over a year either. When you think about what I did get for $49.95 it is pretty amazing. I got my son’s food for two weeks (formula). I got the juice boxes we drink for $.49 a package of 8. I got 10 packages for the normal cost of 2.  The best part is I still have $75 left in my budget for the week and I bought all the diapers for both kids last week with coupons. I think this maybe the week we can buy  lobster or king crab legs because aside from veggies, milk, bread, and lunch meats we are all set.

I love my Madame Deals Coupon Solution it makes saving money easy!  (mine is the yellow and pink flower one made by Heather) You can do this it just takes desire, commitment, and effort.


  1. Hannah says

    Ever tried making your own bread? Buy your flour and yeast from a warehouse and you can make it for pennies per loaf! It doesn’t take that much time either.

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