Coupon Booklets

Whole Foods Coupon Booklet

Whole Foods Coupon Booklet

Whole Foods has a coupon booklet out that contains $35 in coupons for organic and natural foods. This booklet can be found at the front of the store. The great news, these are manufactures coupons so you can use them at any store that carries that product!

There are reports that Kmart has a new coupon booklet out containing $62 in manufactures coupons. Amee and I scoured the Charlottesville store today and didn’t find any yet. Keep your eyes out for it though!

CVS has a coupon book available for asking about their Readyfill program. Some readers are reporting that they are not giving it our unless you sign up for the program. However, the ad states that you just need to ask about it to get the booklet. If you can get your hands on this book it contains several money off total purchase coupons (i.e. $4/$20).


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