Making Dollars Out of Change

making dollars changes

With the New Year fast approaching, I find myself reflecting on changes our family has made over the last few years.  Facing a substantial reduction in income, I fell back into my single motherhood habits of couponing and bargain hunting.  Along the way, I discovered a new world of coupon blogs and now find myself a part of one of those blogs.

Life has truly become a matter of “making dollars out of change.”

Here are a few of the changes I’ve made:

  • shopping with a plan
  • organizing my coupons (thanks to the Madame Deals’ Coupon Solution)
  • setting “price points” for the things we buy
  • maintaining a three-month stockpile
  • consistently shopping at only two or three stores (any more would be a waste of time and gas)

I’m looking forward to sharing this journey with each of you and welcome your comments, suggestions, advice and encouragement.

How about you?  What changes have you made …?

Now it’s your turn!
If you are a blogger, write a post about your idea for making dollars out of change.  It can be on any topic as long as it has to do with saving money.  Please link directly to your post and not your homepage.

If you do not have a blog, we still welcome and encourage your participation!  Please leave your thoughts in a comment below!

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