Cool Down with Coke Products at Sam’s Club!

This post brought to you by Coca Cola. All opinions are 100% mine.

It’s mid-July and summer is in full blown HOT, HOT, HOT glory across the nation.  With summer in full swing, a big concern is keeping everyone hydrated before, during and after our various family activities and outings.  You might say “water, water everywhere!” is my mantra during the hot steamy summer months. The last thing I want is a dehydrated family member missing out on a family activity because they didn’t drink enough water.  Everyone enjoys an outing more when they are well hydrated.  Every family member should drink water whether they feel thirsty or not.  If they are thirsty, they are already starting to get dehydrated.

Whether we’re heading out for a trip to the local farmer’s market, a baseball tournament, or to the local lake for a day of swimming and tubing, I strive to hydrate my family with something other than soda.  That is not always an easy task as everyone in our family has different tastes when it comes to water.  However, an ice filled cooler with a variety of our favorites has a permanent place in the back of our SUV.

Hubby is content with plain water like Dasani®..


I, on the other hand, prefer my water flavored.  I’ll admit I’m a pushover for any flavored water which is pink!  There are a number of varieties of VitaminWater® which fits my “pink” requirement.

Our daughter, being the teenager she is, enjoys what she calls “hippie” waters such as Fuze® and Powerade® .

For a pick me up, there’s always NOS®.  This is always a favorite when we’re playing frisbee or a pickup game of football.

With this wide range of family preferences, Coca Cola products at Sam’s Club fit the bill and, more particularly, our family’s budget.  Sam’s Club is always our first choice for stocking up on each of our favorite Coca Cola products products at unbeatable prices!

Remember to stay hydrated this summer and let us know what your family’s favorite non-soda thirst quenchers are on these hottest days of the year!

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