Cooking in Season & Fall Stockpile Items

fall stockpile list

Fall is finally here, yeah! With the change of season you may have noticed that the grocery sales ad has changed a bit too. The loss leaders, the items that are deeply discounted to draw you in, have changed with the season along with the produce and meat sales. The easiest way to save some money at the grocery store is to change your menu to coincide with the seasonal changes. For Fall and Winter this means more hardy and warm meals such as soups, roasts and chili.

There are certain items that you will want to stock-up on during the fall and winter months. It will be the cheapest time of the year for the following:

Canned Soup
Broth/ Stock
Frozen Vegetables
Canned Vegetables
Flour (baking season in Nov/Dec)
Sugar (baking season in Nov/Dec)
Butter (can be frozen)
Winter Squash

I worked it out perfectly last year. I just used the last jar of gravy and I have a few cans of soup left.  For the next couple of months start stocking your pantry when you find the above items at a rock bottom price. Remember that you can use my Good Buy Price List as a guide to help you with pricing!

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