Cook Once, Eat Twice to Save Time & Money

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This week for Making Dollars out of Change, I want to focus on cooking ahead and using your leftovers. In the last few months I have been cooking more meals ahead of time, dabbled in freezer cooking and made the most of our leftovers. I hope to integrate more freezer cooking in the next few months. It is a huge time saver to have meals prepared in the freezer.

I have been inspired by Connie to make “leftover makeovers”. What that means is to take your leftovers and turn them into something completely different. Cook a whole chicken, make a roast or a pork loin and make several different meals from the same type of meat. One of our favorite meals is pot roast and mashed potatoes. A day or two latter, the leftover beef is shredded and tacos are made! Two completely different tastes which means no boring leftovers. Another example, a cooked turkey breast became: turkey pot pie, turkey soup and turkey & potatoes.

I am still learning the ropes of freezer cooking. When I make homemade macaroni & cheese or mashed potatoes, I make a double batch. The second batch is placed in the freezer. It really does not take any additional time to make the double recipe. I freeze mine in 8×8 baking pans. Place plastic wrap or press n’ seal right on top of the cooled food and then place the lid on to reduce freezer burn.

A little planning and you can make the most out of your meals. You will save both time and money by cooking once and eating twice!


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