Free Blogger Event :Madame Deals Louis Vuitton Event

Okay bloggers. I haven’t seen a Louis Vuitton Giveaway.

            I would like to do one.

                                                             You read right this is a………

                                        You’re Invited

This will be an event to build our following and guess what the hosts are going to vote on the social media option so will it be Facebook, Twitter, Blog Frog, Email, Pinterest bid to decide?

Here are the Rules:

1) You need to sign up in the form below

2) You need to promote this event sign up starting on NOW I want time to make sure the bloggers in the Mission Giveaway group and the Madame Deals Free event group get in first.

****** You will need to  grab this button and code to put it in a post and/ or your side bar at ASAP. The blogger that brings in the most people will get a space after the folks that bid to sponsor the flash giveaway prizes and blogger prizes. (We will have a spreadsheet set up for your links in the document section of the madame deals events group) in case you forget to click on the link for the form HERE

Madame Deals Free Events

Grab our button:

and here is the page you need to link it to so they can sign up

(The more people you get to sign up the bigger the event and Louis Vuitton for FREE will be a huge traffic source and you will be on the first page)

3) The prize is a  Louis Vuitton Purse  because I recently bought a Louis Vuitton and well now I want to give one away.

4) The Event will take Place May 12- June 12th <————————

5) If you would like to be a host. I am accepting 5 others you may bid on the honor. Your name and blog link will appear in the html and you will hold one of the first five spots. (not required)

6) The money will be used as prize money for the bloggers and flash giveaways for the  event. I (Madame Deals) will cover the cost of the purse. I will also have my team manage the event and advertise the event.

JOIN the Facebook group to receive your html

You must be a FAMILY friendly BLOG

Fill out the Form make sure you scroll to the bottom to submit. If you are not sure if it worked do it again.


  1. says

    I am brand new to this! I don’t know what ‘grab a button’ and ‘link to this page’ actually means. I am using blogger, so I assume that I’m copying and pasting the html code for the ‘button’ onto a new post and then putting the ‘link to this page’ link in the post also? Sorry about all the questions…trying to learn how to do all of this!
    Thanks for any help and/or advice!

    • madamedeals says

      yup that is right make sure you have the button in the post and you send your fellow bloggers to the url to sign up

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