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Mission Shoes and Sight!

Giveaway Starts 1/3 12:01 am
Ends 1/6 11:59 pm

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This Week’s prize brought to you by:

Autism Untied

To inquire about becoming a sponsor or to participate in an event like this, please contact Amee at [email protected] for details.

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  1. christi baham willie says

    I would pay it forward with my mom no doubt! She is the best and this year has been very hard for her in a few ways and I could not think of a better person then her!

  2. Jennifer Batchelor says

    I would definitely pay it forward to my parents – no matter how short either of us may be, we always figure out a way to help each other out when necessary,

  3. Jodi D. says

    I would share this with my mother who is always there for me no matter what! She gives everything to help her family!

  4. says

    I would pay it forward to my wonderful mom.
    I am the 2nd oldest of 11 children and she has always sacrificed
    Anything and everything to make sure that we were
    Happy and taken care of she is truly one of the most giving and selfless people I know.

  5. Brandi Price says

    I hate I couldn’t enter The Maven’s $10 giveaway… It froze my pc up and said that there was some sore of Java Script Error.

  6. says

    For my Family…We will put it toward a Family Night Out 🙂 Burger King is the kids favorite!
    Things have been so tight lately, that we have not been out in such a long time…my kids and Hubbie deserve a break.
    Thank You So Much To ALL the Sponsors for Giving Back & Paying It Forward…You Rock!
    *:•.-:¦:-.•:*›‹(•¿•)›‹(¯`’•.¸++ HAVE A SAFE & HAPPY NEW YEAR ++¸.•’´¯)›‹(•¿•)›‹*:•.-:¦:-.•:*

  7. Bridget Merker says

    I would share with a friend’s family that is going through some tough times. The mother is a very good friend of mine who has come upon some serious medical problems.

  8. Lyly T. says

    I would give this to my boyfriend and chihuahua 🙂
    I was laid off and had nowhere to go after I ran out of my savings. My own family has never supported me in any way and I did not have the option of relying on family for help during a difficult time. If it weren’t for my boyfriend and dog, I would have no support system or a place to live. I would give some of the money to my boyfriend for comfortable shoes, and get some treats for my dog. The rest I would donate to our local animal shelter who desperately needs the help.

  9. staci wells mefford says

    I would share with my neighbor . One income family that has been cut due to California economic situation,hubby a correctional officer who has hrs furloughed and hr is now having major health issues. One child is in the air force , one is 13 the other 8 . They r having a hard time. We were secret Santa to them this yr. Sent anonymously gift cards and gifts . Thank u good luck everyone and happy new year

  10. pat parsons says

    help my son he is trying to raise his 3 yr old by his self and doing a good job but now they need to find somewhere to live and furniture

  11. Kelly D says

    I would share this with my parents. I would pay it forward by donating to our local soup kitchen as I do currently anyway.

  12. Mippy says

    If I win the grand prize Iw ill share it with my freind Bev who takes phots but hasn’t had the funds to get things in print. If I win the next prize I will share it with Bev and Luke who could both use a little extra cash. 🙂
    Thank you for the chance!
    ~Mippy 🙂

  13. trishden says

    Hello, I would share the grand prize with my niece so that she can have a great family portrait and if I were to win the runner up prize I would share it with my son who is a college student and always broke. Thanks for a great giveaway!

  14. Lee Ann Cameron says

    I will share with my daughter…she hit a deer and it has been expensive…she will actually get it all lol…but I do love her

  15. stephanie miller says

    i would share them with my friend rachel, she has been such a blessing to me and my family, helping us when she could, and id like to do something for her!

  16. Chevy Roper says

    I would share it with my mom. She has done so much for my family since my husband lost his job. I could never repay her for everything that she does.

  17. Laura Marcus says

    I would donate the money to Operation Smile. They perform surgeries for kids with cleft lips and cleft palates that cannot afford them. Only $250 pays for a surgery! My son was born with a cleft palate and we were fortunate enough to have insurance cover it, but there are so many kids that cannot.

  18. Lori L. says

    I would either share it with my daughter or with my sweet friend who always helps others. Such a great idea to have a contest that’s literally a win-win. 🙂

  19. BlackAsphodel says

  20. Kelly D says

    I would share this prize with my parents & pay it forward by continuing to donate to my local causes(salvation army, food pantry)

  21. says

  22. monica says

  23. jodi lasher says

    I would share it with my friend jennifer rote.. She is the one that got me doing these contests and giveaways, and for that i thank her.. I struggle day by day on a limited income of ssd at a young age of 35.. I cant always afford luxuries or stuff that i would just love to try or have.. With these giveaways, i might be able to try out new products if i win.

  24. Carrie says

    I would share with my sister, who has been my rock this past year. Through a terrible illness, she parked herself in the hospital with me and never left, for 2 weeks!

  25. jody nelson says

    i live in what you would call a poor town but there is this place called Lighthouse ministry a few Christmas ago they helped us out BIG TIME they are supported by donations only so i would deff pay it forward to them they help out so many people in my community the lady who work there will help any one in need i love them so much for everything they have done

  26. says

    I would sooo give the Shoes to my bestie and keep the shades! She LOVESSS shoes and I LOVEEE shades! It would be the best prize for both of us!

  27. Nina says

    I would share with one of the kids locally, who don’t have much. There were several families who had very little if any Christmas this year, and I am sure the teachers at school could point me in the right direction!

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