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I had the opportunity to review Baby Tone by Dustin Maher. I was a little skeptical at first. The thought of working out after I had a baby was pretty much the last thing I was thinking about. It really wasn’t until I looked in the mirror and I decided my whole day was built around the baby that I figured I better take some time back for me. The problem is what do you do with the baby? I mean you can’t put them back where they came from. The Baby Tone video resolves this issue with easy to follow fitness routines in short burst using the resistance weight of your child. These videos allow for additional baby bonding time as you get back on track. I would suggest starting off slowly and building up your strengh.

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Contest ends on 10/31/11

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  1. Christyn Mckenna says

    I would seriously love to win this! I just had a baby 7 months ago and i still look like i had her yesterday! Being 21 and seeing how everyone else looks makes me feel much more worse! I would also love to lose this weight before my husband deploys or gets back! That would be so awesome for him to see me back to normal again!!!

  2. Shirley Dubon says

    I would love to win this!! I really need to get in shape, my dougther is 13 months already and I still have those extra baby pounds and a belly like I’m still pregnant:-( please, enter me! Thanks.

  3. Brittanie Blokker-Brandt says

    I have 75lbs to lose since having my son!! and he’s 18mths old and Im so ashamed of my body I barely leave the house unless Im totally covered and im sick of it!! I would use this DAILY!!! no more excuses!

  4. says

    Im having my 4th daughter in december….I have never had a problem getting back down to pre-preg size but would love love love to get BABYTONE’d and feel amazing and better than before! and to include my lil baby girl while I do it is awesome.

  5. says

    Well my baby is not so much a baby anymore he is 3 yrs old but I still have lots of baby fat left over from him lol! =) I think any type of physical activity is needed to get in and stay in shape. I would really like to lose weight before Christmas so that when I return home to see my family they say wow what happened to you.So this dvd would be awesome to win because 1.) it’s my birthday and 2.) I don’t ever win stuff! Thanks!

  6. Natalie says

    I SO want this!!! I need to get the baby weight off!!! Finally am motivated and would love to have this to help!!!

  7. Samorjj says

    My baby is almost 8 months old so I can no longer say I look good for just having a baby. Now I have to try to relly look good again. I would love to win the DVD to kick me into action. :)

  8. krystyl olson says

    Because I completely turned my life around in terms of diet, eating right, blood sgar control and exsersize I only gained about 10lbs of baby weight and dropped that AND another 15 lbs less than 2 weeks after baby was born. because I gained so little weight my body had to stretch quote a bit to accommodate my LO – I was left witha SERIOUS case of jelly belly,… I’d LOVE TO win this!!

  9. samantha babcock says

    I am due for a csection next month……….this is my 4th baby!! PLEASE luck be on my side to win this, my body could use it badly! lol =]

  10. Tina Winston says

    I went through 2 C-Sections and have tried a lot of diets. I’m having trouble affording any type of workout DVD’s. I guess it didn’t hurt trying to win this. It would be great if i did win ….keep me in mind. Thanks : )

  11. Sara says

    I have a wonderful 4 month old baby girl whom I adore and would not change anything about! However, as for me …. I honestly look like i am 4-5 months pregnant …still! I ended up with a c-section and dont know if this is to blame but i honestly dont feel very good about myself and am depressed about it and i pretty much still use alot of my maternity clothes because all my pre- pregnancy clothes doesnt fit. I would love this giveaway to help empower me once again and re-gainsome of my spunk : ) can you kindly help? thank you

  12. Valerie Lopez says

    Just had baby #2 amd they are 17 months apart so I rarely get me time so this video sounds PERFECT!! Hope I win!!

  13. bracha komarov says

    I have 3 kids between the ages of 4 and 7 and I still have baby weight to lose! this looks cool and I’d love to win it!

  14. Ginny H. says

    I have had two babies one is two and the other just turned 3 months. My body really needs to get into shape. It would be awesome to have a video that would help me bond more with my youngest than feeling like I have to make time when they are asleep to find time to work out. I need to lose 125lbs. Horrible yes! I would really love to win this. Thank you for the opportunity for a chance to win! God bless and good luck everyone!

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