Contest: $50 gift card for Build a Sign

The new year is coming! This year one of my goals is to promote Madame Deals. I was approached to review signs and promotional items by Build a Sign. The first thought I had was this is going to be complicated. I went to their site and five minutes later I created the above banner. Then I hit submit a couple days later the banner came. I would say I was impressed but that would be an understatement I was blown away. They are currently having a sale for 3’x8′ banners for $47.00  or a 2′ x3′ for $23.00 which is very cheap for the quality of the sign and advertising you will gain. I love my new banner. I can’t wait to showcase it!

Do you need a banner or a sign for a party, fundraiser, business, or how about one to support your favorite team?

Here is a list of other useful products to spend the $50.00 you could win on:

To Enter, leave a separate comment for each entry:

1) Tell Madame Deals about the funniest sign that you have ever seen   for 1 entry. (mine was the one where a police car was parked behind a sign that says a cop hides behind this sign)

2) Sign up for our facebook fanpageRSS feed or e-mails for 1 entry.

3)  Sign up to follow Madame Deals on Twitter for two entries (You may have done this at one time but you may not be currently following Madame Deals so check)

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Giveaway ends January  9th at 10pm. The winner will be picked by and notified via e-mail.


  1. Claire says

    One time at a garage sale someone did a sign
    1 book for 25c
    BUY TWO = 50C!!!”

    lol… we were like “hey thats not even a deal!!”

  2. DEBIJOT says

    The funniest sign I ever saw was at outside a small grocery store – “Deals and Steels Here” – Do you really want to shop at a store that can’t even spell their advertising correctly?

  3. anna violette donald says

    Ive seen lots of funny signs. There is one sign that is out in the middle of a swap that is a giant post and in all directions it has arrows with the miles to each location that the arrow points to. This sign is in a swamp in big lake get there only by snowmachine! It has the miles to nonolulu, and new york etc…it always makes me laugh!

  4. Sarah says

    A funny sign that I saw said- “Attention dog owners: please clean up after your dog. Attention dogs: Grrrr, Bark, Woof. Good dog”


  5. Gabrielle B says

    sign at a drive through window said “sorry broaken, please pull up” can’t help but wonder if there are many other career options for that person besides fast food!

  6. Tari Lawson says

    One of my all time favorite bumper stickers is “if you don’t like my driving, stay off the sidewalk”.

  7. Stacey Boyd says

    A sign on saw in front of a church:
    Standing in a garage doesn’t make you a mechanic & simply going to church doesn’t make you a Christian.
    Might not be that funny, but it is the truth! LoL

  8. leanne thele says

    My favorite sign is hanging in my house it says as you walk in Life is full of choices remove your shoes or scrub the floor!

  9. katklaw777 says

    Funniest sign I ever saw was a STOP sign by our Jr High School. Evidently the kids decided to decorate it with gum as they passed by. I am talking hundreds of wads of gum stuck to this sign…back, front and even the pole!!! I asked my daughter if she ever stuck her gum on the sign and she just smiled at me. lol

  10. Julie says

    I recently saw a sign that said “roads are wicked slippery, drive carefully” “Wicked” is a word us people from MA say alot. Thought it was funny to have on a sign!

  11. Jessica P. says

    Im a facebook follower.
    Okay BEST sign ever….
    I was a bad kid in my day( need I say more). I worked at a hardware store with my friends, we bought a ladies restroom sign. After buying the signs & getting off work we took them to the local coffee shop where we put it over the “mens” restroom door. We sat back drinking our coffee watching men get confused seeing only two ladies restrooms & a few women walking in on the remaining men in the bathroom! LOL! OMG the owner came up to us laughing.

  12. Jessica P. says

    I have a picture of another one , I can email it to you I took of some lady in town…”INDOOR YARD SALE”! LOL!

  13. says

  14. Donna Hunt says

    I can’t think of any right now but I know I’ve seen a few. My favorite bumper sticker, however, says “My other car is a broom.” Thank you for the giveaway!

  15. Rebekah says

  16. Rebekah says

  17. Rebekah says

  18. Rebekah says

  19. thepricklypinecone says

    The funniest sign I have seen was at a zoo which stated;
    Do not stand climb or sit on the fences. You could fall and the animals may eat you and that might make them sick. Thank you!

  20. Sarah Osborne says

    The funniest sign I saw was on the freeway. There was a lot of construction going on and there was an electric sign flashing, “You will be late to work today…ha ha ha.” And, the sign was correct :)

  21. Jessie Mayer says

    the funniest sign I have ever seen was a sign on a church billboard-it read “staying in bed and yelling “oh God” does not constitute going to church! LOL

    raggedybabygifts at gmail dot com

  22. Kellye says

  23. kai says

    We saw one that said
    Box of noodles buy one $1.49
    buy two $3.27

    … Um isnt it suppose to be cheaper or the same price when you buy more… lol

  24. Candie L says

    I wish I had a good memory for the funny signs, but guess I am getting old (It can happen in your 30s). I do know there has been a lot of talk about our local town in Arkansas (named Flippin). I guess there was a spot on the Ellen show recently where they sent in the picture of the Flippin Church of God.

  25. Greg Knight says

    Saw a sign at a restaurant – the “t” fell off the word diet – sign said – Eat here today and die tomorrow!!!!

  26. Dana White says

    My kids think it is funny when we are on our way to the lake and we pass “The Dam Store.” The other sign there says “Come on in…you’ll be dam glad you did!” Thanks for the giveaway!!!

  27. Michelle Tucker says

    Once we saw a sign for Hidden Valley. Hubby looks over at me and says ” Well, I guess it’s not hidden any more.” I laughed so hard. Guess it was one of those, ya gotta be there moments.
    michedt (at) gmail (dotcom)

  28. susan smoaks says

    in a town near us a daycare center had a sign that said “little successful angles” we think they meant angels

  29. says

    I have seen a ton of funny signs. Mostly words spelled incorrectly, or letters missing. The one that stands out to me was a store I saw called “Better Shoes For Less” but their sign was missing the R in for, so it said “Better Shoes Fo Less” I dont know why we found it so funny, but I still remember it to this day!
    vschilke at gmail dot com


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