Comfy Sacks Review

The Pudding Monster

The arrival of our chocolate, 6 foot wide, micro-suede Comfy Sack™ was heralded with much excitement. We were already bean bag fans, having bought a taupe-colored enormous ‘blob’ that the kids enjoyed rolling around on down in the theater room. Getting a second one just felt right… like deciding to have a second child or getting another dog.

Simple assembly was necessary, which involved placing the seventy pound solid cube of compacted foam innards inside the exterior micro-suede cover. I noticed that the inner cover was constructed with 2 zippers, which I thought was a very nice design feature, since there is no chance of anything escaping. It also has a little TV remote control holder, which is a thoughtful idea.

The foam cube remained stubbornly cube-like, until we unleashed a teenager on it, and after perhaps 20 minutes of Ninja-style kicks and Bruce Lee impressions, our Comfy Sack™ began to take form. I would say that it kept expanding over the next few hours, to such an extent that I was becoming slightly alarmed, and was reminded of the Woody Allen movie, Sleeper (1973), where he uses too much instant pudding and produces ‘The Pudding Monster’. Here is the link if you haven’t seen it before… zip to 5:45 and 7:45 if you bore easily.

So we have lived with our Comfy Sack™ for a while , and it is fair to say we absolutely love it. Our original ‘no-name’ brand taupe blob lies neglected in the corner, like an old mangy dog that has been replaced by a new adorable puppy.

The Comfy Sack™ is more like a nest than a seat. You can burrow into it, curl up inside it and the kids bicker about who gets to use it. It has withstood mastiff slobber, which cleaned off with a damp cloth and left no mark behind. My one issue with it is just the sheer size of it makes it difficult to move, but then I wouldn’t move a couch on my own, so one has to bear this in mind. It is a perfect product for our need and I anticipate that we will buy another one very soon.


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