Coach Purse Giveaway

Coach Purse Giveaway

Coach Purse Giveaway

Welcome to our Choose your Coach Purse Giveaway!

Because we know that every women have different taste and style, so my blogger friends and I have teamed up to give you an awesome giveaway event. We’re giving you this chance to choose the Coach purse that you will win. So which is your favorite among the 4 styles?

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Giveaway runs from 4/13-5/4 11:59pm EST.

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  1. Dawn Monroe says

    I like the classic coach look of 3 but I like the style and color of 4. I would choose between those.

  2. vikki p says

    I would like to win #4, the blue one. I would just faint if I won a Coach purse! Thanks ma’m for the giveaway opportunity.

  3. Jayme H. says

    I would like to win purse number one. I like number one and three, but the red pushes one to the top. Lol!


  4. Elizabeth Sunderland says

    I’m commenting on the may tupperware sales. I remember 35 yrs ago when everybody had tupperware. Now it seems that disposable containers are more popular. Good luck.

  5. Elizabeth Sunderland says

    I’m commenting on First aid kit because the other site wasn’t working for me. My kids loved bandaids growing up. It does make the “boo boo” better. With all the resisant bacteria out there I don’t know if it’s wise to put ointment on every sore because it’s not infected yet. I know it’s a toss up between drs on what to do but I do know you don’t get antibiotics for everything like you did 15 yrs ago

  6. Bridgett Wilbur says

    I would just love to win #2 but they are all very nice. A girl needs a great pocketbook.

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