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I am so excited to be the Project Manager for the Click For Hope campaign. I have three focuses for my business they are self, service, and shopping. The self goal is to help others grow in their thinking. I want to teach others that beauty is defined by who you are and what you do. I believe in taking care of myself and I believe in empowering others to believe in themselves. We each have a gift and I believe I was put on this Earth to inspire others.

   I wake up each morning and I am determined to pay it forward. I believe service is something that not only makes the recipient feel great but it makes me feel amazing. I understand the value of my site and the amount of people I reach. I hope that you let me in your heart and that you also embrace paying it forward. We all have something to offer and we are all valuable.

    The last mission I have is shopping. This is a deal site! I love a good deal. I enjoy getting what we need and want for less than others. I am proud to eat my cereal in my designer clothes knowing I paid less than 50% of their retail value. I believe that you can Make Dollar$ Out of Change. The change can be how you start your day or how you live your life. The greatest gift we have is one another. I hope to inspire more bloggers than last year to join in our plight to help those in need. We each have a purpose, we each have a place, and we each have the ability to make an impact. I hope you will join us to inspire others because hope is just one click away!

What is Click 4 Hope?

In early 2011, southeast America was devastated by a string of deadly tornados.  Time2$ave, Time2Give felt a call to help on a greater level than ever before.  They mobilized the on-line blogging community, and asked them to connect their strength and their voice as we sought to provide relief in some of its most basic forms.  The loss of life and property was overwhelming and many were left without food or shelter, their lives ripped from them in a matter of moments.

At Time2$ave, Time2Give we have always been committed to helping those in need.  We want to help.  We need to help, especially when tragedy hits so close to home.  But how could we ever hope to make a difference when the devastation was so great?

It is from this need that Click4Hope was born.

Click4Hope is a movement.  One that is reaching and growing everyday as it inspires bloggers around the country to enlist their readers towards a common goal.  Truly this movement makes us proud to be bloggers.  We have proven through Click4Hope that bloggers are better together, and together, we have the power to drive change.

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  1. Mamavalveeta03 says

    I think it’s really great that you’re using your website to promote empowerment and positive change in people’s lives. More power to you!! (and I believe that shopping can help do that)

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