Cinnamon Roll Recipe: Shamrock Style

Shamrock Cinnamon Roll Recipe

cinnamon roll recipe

This Shamrock Cinnamon Roll Recipe is the perfect St. Patrick’s Day Breakfast!

Delight them “Irish Style” when they wake up on St. Patrick’s Day with Shamrock shaped cinnamon rolls. This recipe adds a twist to the traditional cinnamon roll and makes it unique and fun. Plus who doesn’t like waking up to the smell of cinnamon rolls in the morning.


2 cans Great Value Cinnamon Rolls with icing


Shamrock Cinnamon Roll Recipe Directions

Unroll the Great Value Cinnamon rolls.

Take the first cinnamon roll and start rolling the ends toward the middle (it will resemble a heart) . When the spirals look the same, pinch the dough one half of the roll then start rolling the dough from the unrolled end to form a matching spiral. When each spiral looks the same, pinch the dough between the two spirals to make a point at the bottom.

Repeat with two more rolls.

Arrange the heart shaped rolls into a shamrock shape on your cookie sheet.

Take 1 Cinnamon Roll to use for stems and cut off a small piece. Place under the heart shaped rolls.

Repeat with remaining Great ValueCinnamon Rolls.

Bake at 350 F for 20-25 minutes.

Remove from oven and glaze with included frosting.

*I love cooking with the Great Value Cinnamon Rolls. They have the same quality as Name Brands but for a fraction of the cost*

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  1. Pauline M says

    I love this! It’s so simple and fun…. What do you think of making this for a spring bake sale and coloring the frosting with floral colors?

    • gwendolyn says

      Any cinnamon roll brand will work. I just like using the store brand because they are the same quality but cheaper.

  2. Laura Smith says

    These look really good I am going to try this tomorrow, thanks. I wish I was creative, I have always liked math which normally means -0- creativity oh well

  3. Bonnie C. says

    These are so sweet! (literally!) 🙂 These will be great to make for breakfast, or even a fun snack, thanks for sharing this idea with us! 🙂

  4. Katie Roch says

    Brilliant idea. I never thought of changing the shape of the traditional cinnamon roll. I’ll definitely be trying this at home.

  5. Robin Wilson says

    My family loves cinnamon rolls for late breakfast and this would be a great way to show some love for St Patty’s day. Think I can do this!

  6. Diana C says

    This is an awesome idea! Love the fact that it is very easy to make. Thanks for sharing. OH! And you can make hearts out of them too, very cool!

    Diana C

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