Chutzpah: Madame Deals Has the Desire to Provide

It takes a huge amount of courage to raise kids today. It is that time again when the kids are going back to school. I used to teach and I know that sometimes no matter how hard we as parents try to make ends meet they do not. I have always had several students in my class that didn’t have school supplies. I would buy the children supplies because in my book, after family and friends comes education. What if I could do something small, would it make an impact?

Renae and I know it does because so many of you have shared how helpful our site has been to you and your family. Renae and I decided we would use our shopping skills and  little bit of the cash we saved while couponing to buy a couple of kids school supplies. We have five school bags to give away to local children.

If your child needs one and you are in Fluvanna or Albermarle county contact us through email.

What ways have you used your couponing to help others?

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  1. Lauren says

    I picked up a couple of extra boxs of the 24 crayons to give to our shurch foodbank to hand out to children during the fall if they need them , the boxs hardly cost me anything and like you said education is price less

  2. Juli Y says

    I just delivered today – 50 backpack filled and ready to go to St Vincent de Paul. I usually buy backpacks the year before on clearance and then as you post items really cheap I start filling. When I buy the backpacks I usually look for anything else that is really cheap for the following year. This is a project my son started three years ago.

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