Chutzpah: Lets talk about cash

Chutzpah. This is a word that is used often by myself because sometimes I just can’t believe what people do. I mean really! I thought it would be fun to share our Chutzpah moments. The only rules are no names of stores, people, or events. You may also not use inappropriate language. Leave a comment listing your favorite Chutzpah moment! I mean laughter is the best medicine.

chutzpah Or khutspe. Nerve, extreme arrogance, brazen presumption. In English, chutzpah often connotes courage or confidence, but among Yiddish speakers, it is not a compliment. For more Yiddish WordsChut

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Well, another peak into my so called life… My husband and I have different opinions on money. I know gasp. We also have different perspectives on what you share with children. I am the spender and he is the saver. I know and I own the Madame Deals site. I like a good deal and I am always shopping might as well pay less.

We had our garage door break this week. I asked my husband to research the parts. He was a nuclear engineer in the Navy and I am able to put random things together no training required just you tube or an instruction manual. I figured we could do this. He thought we should take down the motor and bring it to the repair company. I assumed he called to make sure this is what you do. He didn’t so I walked into an office and asked where should I drop off the motor to the garage door opener. The man looked at me like I had two heads. He said, “We come to your home for $105.00.” I decided for $105.00 without labor and parts we could figure this out. My husband went on Internet and found the parts for $92.00. He began to take apart the unit on the “laundry” table AKA the dining room table in most normal houses. This new project brought on a lot of attention from my daughter. She ask about what he was doing. He told her we are broke so we cant have the guy come and fix the garage door opener.

I calmly explained to my husband that we do not talk about our finances with the children. It is okay to tell them no and why. It is okay to share with the why that we can’t have everything. It is perfectly fine to make sacrifices so we can give to others. It is not okay to make them believe we are broke. It isn’t the point that we are not broke. Yes, he has to work to pay the bills. I do not have to work outside of being a stay at home mom since he works. I enjoy working and I enjoy providing the “extras” and paying for the unexpected. I like that if the car breaks I can pay and we don’t not have to charge it. I enjoy using coupons because it allows us to save money. I will never be embarrassed that I paid less for my groceries. I was upset because I do not think it is okay to worry young kids over adult issues.

I realized that the lesson I wanted him to teach the children was you should try to do things yourself first to limit your costs. I actually asked my husband how many parts can we buy before we hit $105.00. Can we return the parts we do not need? When he looked at the unit did it look difficult? I wanted him to show our children how to think differently. It would have been very easy for us to call the repair person. It would have been quicker and the result would have been the same except we saved a couple of hundred dollars.

I am just wondering how you feel about talking about financial issues with your children?




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