Chutzpah: I can hear

Chutzpah. This is a word that is used often by myself because sometimes I just can’t believe what people do. I mean really! I thought it would be fun to share our Chutzpah moments. The only rules are no names of stores, people, or events. You may also not use inappropriate language. Leave a comment listing your favorite Chutzpah moment! I mean laughter is the best medicine.

Or khutspe. Nerve, extreme arrogance, brazen presumption.

In English, chutzpah often connotes courage or confidence, but among Yiddish speakers, it is not a compliment.

It felt a little like high school.. or the song “Baby Got Back” . The song memorably starts with a discussion between two thin, white valley girls , with one girl remarking to the other, “Oh, my God, Becky, look at her butt! These two guys were commenting on my bottom. I scanned the area to figure out who they were talking about. Then I figured it was me. I still haven’t figured out if I am annoyed or flattered that someone noticed my bottom. I can say that either way they could have been a little quieter about their adoration.

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