Chutzpah: Daddy is Better Than Mommy

ChutzpaChutzpah. This is a word that is used often by myself because sometimes I just can’t believe what people do. I mean really! I thought it would be fun to share our Chutzpah moments. The only rules are no names of stores, people, or events. You may also not use inappropriate language. Leave a comment listing your favorite Chutzpah moment! I mean laughter is the best medicine.

chutzpah Or khutspe. Nerve, extreme arrogance, brazen presumption. In English, chutzpah often connotes courage or confidence, but among Yiddish speakers, it is not a compliment.

It is true Mr. Madame Deals would make a better stay at home parent than I do. He loves to clean. He loves to be outside with the kids. He enjoys cooking. I think it is because he hasn’t been doing all of that for the last 8 years. I do have to say he would never be able to keep up with their schedule or dress them in the right clothes. I enjoyed my day off for Mother’s day and I appreciate all the hard work my husband put into the day. Please, let the record show he went to bed as soon as the children did and I went to my second job just like I do every night. He may be able to be me for half the day but the other half he is out for the count.

I am happy to say he is very helpful.  He is a wonderful dad and husband. He can also cook, clean, and do laundry and does so often. He isn’t perfect but he tries his best and that has always been good enough for us!

My son’s chutzpah moment was telling me that Daddy is a great Mom on Mother’s Day.

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