Choppy bob

Choppy bob

I wanted a choppy bob. The reason is simple. I have three kids and about 7 minutes to get my hair dryed and styled. That seven minutes is if my children are taking a shower in the morning otherwise we are looking at enough time to dry my hair so it isn’t dripping. I wanted a hair cut that frankly looked messy as the “look”. I saw the new summer bob and had to have it.

choppy bob Two days ago

Choppy bob

The problem was I grabbed a magazine and I went to the wrong person to do it. I ended up with this hair cut disaster. <– look there. This was the same haircut that I basically walked in with and it wasn’t a choppy bob at all in fact once Kristina cut my hair into the right cut she said you didn’t have a bob at all. No, bob? Well, that just makes me angry. The goal was to have that fun, easy, and cute hair style with only little work on my part. What I learned from my hair cut disaster is do not leave until you are happy ask for another stylist or the salon manager but make sure you got the cut and style that you paid for.


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