Choose What Photos to Share with Out My Window

Sometimes there are personal pictures that you only want to share to your closest friends or relatives, right? Just like a family trip or a reunion where in you carefully chose the persons that you’ve invited. You may want to share these photos but social media sites are definitely a no-no! The whole world can see your photos on those sites, including those nosey people you may or may not know personally. The solution is outmywindow™, a more personal and private way to share and save our photos.

outmywindow™ is a free photo sharing app that allows us to upload photographs to a personal account and share them with a select list of family and friends. Available on both the web and as an app (currently only for IOS). The service will also include tools that allow users to know exactly with whom they have shared images and albums.

With this service, you can now share photos with friends or family without the worries. There have already been stories about people who got fired from work because they shared some photos on their social media sites, with outmywindow™ you can select the people to share your photos with. Hurry and check out Out My Window here or you can download Out My Window App on iTunes.

“I have been hired by Warner Bros WBWord division to raise awareness for ‘outmywindow™.'”

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