Chillafish Bunzi Balance Bike Review and Giveaway


Do not let the name fool you this is some serious fun. I have three children and they love to play outside. The two older ones are on bikes. The youngest one is two little for a bike with training wheels and two cool for the parent push toys. He wanted a “bike” of his own. I wanted something that he could ride inside on days that are rainy since he has a lot of energy. I was looking for a toy without wheels.

I was provided with Chillafish Bunzi Balance bike. for my son to review. I was a bit confused at first since it is actually two separate toys in one. It is a bike that provides stability much like a tricycle does and it can then be transformed into a two wheels balance experience. I was pleased with how easy it was to use. I liked that the tricycle was easy to use and the two wheeled version is more difficult. I know that my son is still trying to figure out how to balance. I believe this Bunzi is the perfect toy to have prior to playing your child on a bike. I intend to give my child a bike without the training wheels as soon as we are stable on the Bunzi. I especially love the size and weight of the Bunzi it is very easy to take places and move from outside to inside the house. The only problem is my children fight over who gets to ride it!

The manufacture say it is best is to start on 3 wheels to grow the confidence, and only switch to 2 wheels after a few days or so. We have been using ours for a week before we decided to switch. He is becoming  confident about his balance. The bike is based on the “gradual balance” concept

Note that : Learning balance and motor skills should be done at your child’s pace.

While balance trainers are certainly a great step in the development process of learning to ride a bicycle (and more in general to learn coordination skills), they still are quite a challenge for the child to learn at first, as the child has typically only ridden on very stable 4-wheeled or 3-wheeled ride-ons before it makes the switch to a completely unstable balance trainer.

The “gradual balance” concept facilitates this learning process by offering a more gradual transition between stable and balance.
This is my little on on his!

– A budget-friendly approach as the gradual balance trainer offers both concepts in one

Bunzi by CHILLAFISH are available at selected Toys ’R’ Us stores



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  1. Jessica Hahn says

    I have a friend staying with us that is the mom of a toddler and this would be a perfect Christmas gift for them. It is something she would not normally be able to afford.

  2. says

    My son is turning 2 in November, and I think this would make an amazing gift! He loves his freedom, and this seems like a safe, controlled way to give it to him.
    (Plus this bike is adorable.)

  3. Alyshia says

    I have three boys three and under an dthey would love to ride but they are nervous with a real bike this would be great!
    I entered the serve card giveaway!

  4. Tiffany Overton says

    I have two boys that this would be perfect for. They would love it! We are outside every chance we get and this would be a perfect fit for them!

  5. jenna c says

    my son would love this its awesome!! he tries to ride his sisters bike but she pushes him off this is just what he needs!!

  6. Laura Jacobson says

    I would love to win for Carter! He so wants to ride bikes along with the bigger kids, but just cant pedal his trike! He would love this to be able to ride along with the older kids!

  7. Tiffany Overton says

    I would love to win this for my two boys. They would love it. We are outside so much I just know this would be perfect. So fun! I truly think this would give them more confidence in wanting to ride a big boy bike!

  8. bill elliott says

    I would love to win this for my 4 yr old grandson, his bike was stolenlast night out of his front yard

  9. Ironside99 says

    entered the Bike, fashion, mrs fields and clestial seasonings tea. ANY of those would be wonderful, all good products and could use any of them

  10. Holli S. says

    I have a little guy with Christmas & a birthday in February who would love to have this as one of his gifts. THANKS FOR THE CHANCE! (Also noticed there wasn’t a box to let you know which other contest I entered, but I entered the Kindle giveaway as well.)

  11. deborah neel says

    I have a 2 1/2 year old son who loves being outside with his brothers. He gets quite mad when he can’t go out on a bike with them though, so this would be perfect to have so that he can learn to ride a big boys bike.

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