Children Free Online Games

Children Free Online Games

children free online games

In today’s society children are taking to electronics even earlier and that brings up the question of computer games, apps, and more. I know I hate to purchase games and find out that  my child doesn’t like or they really were not worth the money I spent. To solve this problem I am always on the search for Children Free Online Games. This way if my child decides he/she doesn’t like it I am not any money. Check out all these ways you can get Children Free Online Games.

 Find Children Free Online Games

The internet is full of websites promising Children Free Online Games but many are disappointing when you arrive and find out it is only a trial and you have to provide your credit card. I have compiled a list of Totally Free sites that allow your child to have fun and learn at the same time.

Starfall - perfect for kids as young as 3, this site focuses on helping your child learn to read with phonics. The books and games are fun and children will enjoy learning on the computer.

Fun Brain – This site offers reading, math and games to help your child have fun while learning. My daughter is in 4th grade and still begs to play on Fun Brain. I can’t say no because it is Free and Educational.

Sprout Online – offers games, craft ideas and more on this popular online site. It features all the characters that preschoolers enjoy on the Sprout TV Channel in one convenient place.

Kids Memory -  Your one stop location to online games in math, science, reading and more. They make these games so fun that kids learn without even knowing it. They also have links to other sites they manage that offer free games.

Nickelodeon Online - offers games and activities that feature favorite Nickelodeon characters and will bring hours of fun for free.

Mattel -  Their favorite toys come to life on the screen as they play games and more with fabulous Mattel characters such as Barbie, Fijit, Hot Wheels and more.

Disney Online - Children can explore the Wonderful World of Disney online and have fun playing games with their favorite Disney characters. They can also watch video clips and learn more about their favorite characters.

If you are looking for Children Free Online Games to be played on a tablet or a smart phone, you can easily do a search in the iTunes or Google Play Store and find hundreds that are available. You can also do a search in the Amazon App Store and find apps for free also.

When you are at one of the stores type in “Free Kid’s Apps” in the search bar and you will be amazed at all the apps you will find. There are many education apps as well as fun game apps. Make sure you take care of these when they are available because some are only free for a limited time. You don’t want to miss out on a great deal when all you have to do is click.

Where do you get your Children Free Online Games? Share with us below which games pass the test with your children.

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