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cheap clothes free shipping



Cheap Clothes Free Shipping

I know – those are my favorite words as well. What if I told you that the clothes you buy only have to be cheap in price?  How about if I told you that getting cheap clothes with free shipping isn’t the only way to save? This was my plan for the EBates Challenge which you can read about my domination over Pittsburgh Frugal Mom, Dana   (The soon to be defeated). We entered into this competition because I need work clothes on a budget. The plan was simple – to take the $150 that Ebates provides each one of us and see who stretch their money. I added in the element of who had the most style as well. I am a deal blogger not a frugal blogger. That means I like getting great high end items for a great price.

Here is the start of this fun competition: Ebates debate post one. Then I found a way to save even more on brands like Jcrew. You can check out my adorable dress and jewels from my Ebates Challenge. When we last left off I had $$97.16 left. I think we should explore what I paid for all the items above and what I saved. In the photos above I bought two dresses and a pair of shoes, the black and white dress, and the blue white and black dress.


Cheap Clothes Free Shipping

1) The first thing you do in log into your Ebates account

2)  Then you go shopping on a site that offers free shipping

3) Then you grab out your giftcard that you bought for a % off.


Screen Shot 2013-05-30 at 12.10.56 AM

4) Then you look for a coupon code

Screen Shot 2013-05-30 at 12.11.52 AM


I used a Giftcard for Macy’s which I bought for 8% off then I received 6% back for using Ebates. Then I used a coupon code for 20% off I got free shipping because I ordered $99.00 worth of stuff. That means I got Cheap Clothes with free shipping.




I spent the $44.99 and $32.99 on the dresses total $77.98 x .80=  since I get 20% I will be paying 80% of the total = $62.39 (really I spent 8% less since I bought the gift card I still get 6% back which covers sales tax. (8% off is $4.99)


Then shoes I got from they were having a 20% off sale with free shipping and I received 8.5% back so almost 30% off the cost of the shoes. They were also on sale… so their final price was and the retailed for….

$29.40 x 20% = $23.82

Spent $23.82 on shoes + $62.39=  $85.91 total spent on trip #2 . I had $97.16 left from trip #1  so in cash $11.25 left from the $150.

Here my Ebates cash back .. I bought extra stuff at Jcrew and Macy’s for my kids… so I would say I am owed $6.50 cash back from Ebates

Screen Shot 2013-06-14 at 11.50.46 PM


Recap saved Trip #1- Dress and Jewels saved  $94.77  spent $52.84

Recap Saved Trip #2- Shoes saved  $18.18 on the show (not counting cash back) the I saved $105.11 on the dresses not counting cash back or the 8% gift certificate. Spent 23.82 on shoes + $62.39 dresses=  $85.91

That equates for

Spent  $138.75

Saved $199.88

******* Note: if you add the $11.25 I have left to the Ebates cash back I have $17.25 left to spend.

I now have one pair of shoes, three dresses, 4 pairs of earrings, hair clips, and two bracelets for less than $150.

So what do you think about  my awesome deals? I wonder how Pittsburgh Frugal Mom did?

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  1. Wild Orchid says

    You did great! Love all of the great styles you were able to purchase on the cheap with free shipping!

  2. Tracy Robertson says

    Wow , you did really well, especially with having money left to spend after all of that! I hope you win the contest!

  3. Amanda Alvarado says

    I think you won. You didn’t get as many articles of clothing but you have accessories too. Plus I think you had better deals overall!

  4. Kathleen says

    I am registered with ebates as well. I will NOT shop without a discount or promo code. It’s just crazy to pay more than you have to!

  5. Tammy S says

    I think you won. You did and amazing job mixing sales and promo codes. Plus I think with the accessories you can really change the look of your outfits.

  6. Tara Liebing says

    I love the shoes you got from they are so cute. Thanks for sharing how to get great deals using Ebates I love using them.

  7. says

    Ebates sounds like a great way to save money while shopping online. I imagine that Madame Deals won the contests. Nothing against Pittsburgh Frugal Mom. It’s just that I’ve seen how Madame Deals can save money and find the deals. :-)

  8. sarah peedin says

    I LOVE ebates! I think you did a fantastic job finding your deals. I love the ebates emails that I get showing who is having a sale & what % of my purchase I get as a rebate.

  9. tami s says

    You must have won with the great deals. I love EBATES! I cannot imagine shopping without cash back. I love the shoes you picked!

  10. kymi a says

    I”m a lover of ebates buy the things you love and get cash back, that is a win win for sure! I’m rooting for you great sales and shopping love the stores you went to, big cash back. Good luck to you

  11. margaret peg m says

    i love ebates, but this takes ‘savings’ to a whole new level. congrats, i think you’re a winner.

  12. Stacey B says

    Wow that is a great deal. I used eBates to get a great deal from Kohls when they were offering 20% off and free shipping with it as well. Love ebates

  13. Stephanie says

    Im going to say you won! The Pittsburgh Frugal mom definitely got a bargain though, seeing as she did buy coach shoes.
    I personally don’t like buying clothing online, I need to try it on first. Also I think you can get better deals at Kohls, esp when you get a 30% from your Kohls charge. They are my favorite store for deals, always check the clearance!!!

  14. Colleen Maurina says

    You did the best! Such great prices on such quality clothing. And free shipping too – love that!

  15. says

    You did great! I think you are the winner! I too like to shop for low priced quality clothes, that’s why everytime I go to the mall you will find me at the 65-85% off racks at Macy’s with coupons in hand. I get confused easily with all the cash back and percentages, I should just take a day and study it all, damn this mental fog. Good Luck!
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  16. Stephanie Ann says

    I love your site! Madame deals always has the best deals and information, I know I can alway count on that site! i visit it many times a day!

  17. Laura Jacobson says

    OH I love Macy’s too! Those summer dresses are so cute! You did GREAT!
    As for a winner…I declare a tie! :)

  18. Jennifer Mae Hiles says

    Wow, that was pretty amazing. I got lost in the math but seeing that you saved almost $200 is amazing! Congrats, I think you won!

  19. Debbie Loy says

    Wonderful shopping try kohls next time between ebates and kohls cash and coupons up to 30%off you can really save there also.

  20. sandy weinstein says

    i think you won, but i am partial b/c i am a long time follower, however, i do like getting name brand clothes cheap and get money back.

  21. Jennifer P - Vicki Furrin on r/copter says

    I’ve used Ebates since the beginning and am a big fan. I may not always save a lot but every little helps. Love the black and white striped dress. Am thinking you must have won the challenge!

  22. Pamela Halligan says

    It was a close competition, but I’d have to give you the win since you had more money left over after the ebate was factored in.

  23. Mary R. says

    You did a great job. I never take the time to find a whole “look”. I usually need something and zero in on that one item. Good job!!

  24. Elizabeth Owens says

    You did so awesome! I love how much a little creativity and Ebates can help you to save!! You totally won this

  25. Sylvia Ortiz says

    What an excellent job at “saving” and still getting great styles of clothing AND accessories! I definitely need to put more thought process when shopping, so that I too can pay the minimum amount available. Thank you for your detailed shopping share! BRAVO!! :)

  26. Bonnie Lacroix says

    I would have to say you for a couple reasons. You combined a few different tricks to max out the savings and you got quite a few things:)

  27. Shanna says

    That’s some great shopping! I always love it when you can add one discount on top of another on top of another!

  28. Heather Manu says

    Wow that is amazing. Thank you for sharing how to maximize savings on Ebates by combining deals. Hope if I win I can do as good as you did.

  29. Sue Shelley says

    I think you both did a great job but I feel you won this contest and I learned a few tricks along the way. Great information!

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