Cheap Chocolate Fondue

Cheap Chocolate Fondue

Cheap Fondue

The key to great food is it has to be easy. It has to be inexpensive and it has to be good. I am a huge fan of Cheap Chocolate Fondue. We have three children and they love to eat anything you can dip. I make a cheese fondue that is also cheep, easy, and yummy. Madame Deals Cheese Fondue is yummy! Well, back to the recipe you have been waiting for. I think you are going to say to yourself , “Why didn’t I think of that?” Then you are going to the store to grab the ingredients.

Cheap Chocolate Fondue

Cheap Chocolate Fondue

You will need a pot it doesn’t have to be a fondue set.

Icing pick your flavor

1/4 cup of milk or heavy cream depending on your budget

You will simple place the icing in the pan and turn it on warm and you will add a little bit of heat as you stir in the liquid.

That is it once it is done then you can use a fondue put or a mini crock pot or the pot and serve the fondue.

You can add these yummy treats to your mix: nuts, coconuts, or a variety of  liquors

This is an example of the treats we served to our children. You can also add cheese cake, cherries, bananas, pound cake, cookies, pineapple and what ever you would like to eat dipped in chocolate. You can tell that my children loved this treat. we have tried it with all different icings. We have tried milk, dark, and butter creme icing. You can try them all as well since they are so inexpensive.
Cheap Chocolate Fondue

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