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Earn More, Save More, Spend Smarter - Here's How! DailyWorth is an exciting online community of women who are motivated to take charge of their lives and their finances - and save money! And now you can sign up for financial motivation delivered straight to your inbox every day! Learn How to Save - Become a Financial Powerhouse Need help planning for your future? DailyWorth has tips on everything from investing to retirement to managing credit and debit. Are you an entrepreneur or a … [Read more...]

Spring into Savings: Free Yourself from Cable and Satellite

free yourself from cable

Free Yourself from Cable and save big! Spring is approaching faster than I would like but it is not the weather I dread but the Spring Cleaning. I always make my list of things I need to do and it seems to be Fall before I get them all done. This year I have decided to take a different approach to Spring Cleaning and will not be focusing on my house but my checkbook. I am very detailed when it comes to our monthly financials. I know when everything is due, how much is due, what check it … [Read more...]

Cheap Cake Decorating

cheap cake decorating

Our budget saving tip for today is on cheap cake decorating! My tip is very simple and is perfect just in time for making some Valentine's Day treats. Instead of buying different colored sprinkles, which you would just end up having lots of excess and unused for months. You can simply buy plain white sugar. Then add food color to your white sugar. Voila! You have colored sugar sprinkles to decorate your treats. Easy right! With this method, you can just add food color to the amount … [Read more...]


Freecycle I love to recycle. I love to get things for FREE. That is why Freecycle is so wonderful. Freecycle is a website that allows people to offer items that are in god condition that they no longer want or need to others. People respond to the person offering the item. Then the person who is giving the item arranges pick up. I have received many items like children's toys, cooking items, and even a chair. I have given away clothes, children's toys, baby items, and sports … [Read more...]

Homemade Cakes- Budget Savings Tip 19

budget savings tip

Today's Budget Savings Tip: Create Special Homemade Cakes I have been working on installing Budget Savings Tip with my children so that they grow up to be savers instead of spenders. I wish I could report it has been met with great joy but instead every shopping trip is a constant battle over why I refuse to buy things. The latest event was when I was grocery shopping Friday and my daughter asked for one of those beautiful cakes at the bakery. I asked the price and when I was told $30 for a 1/4 … [Read more...]

Ditch the Cable and Satellite- Budget Savings Tip 18

budget savings tip

Today's Budget Savings Tip: Ditch the Cable and Satellite We have gotten so programmed into following the latest and greatest on television that we forget that we DON"T NEED it. Not only is Cable/Satellite a waste of time it drains our income ever month. We don't notice the price steadily rising because they do it slowly hoping you won't question the $2 this month or the $3 next month. Don't panic and think I am suggesting you sit in your home without any audio/video entertainment. I … [Read more...]

Cheap Mac Service

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 Cheap Mac Service I believe that time is money. I also believe that buying the right tools to get the job done is imperative to your success. I am a Mac girl. I do not often need my Mac Repaired.  I know that having a Mac repaired can be expensive. What I didn't know is you can call the apple hotline 1-800-275-2273 and they will help you solve your problem for less than $20. They will charge you $19 to use their over the phone support. They will let you call back for 30 days if they did not … [Read more...]

Pay Less use a Grocery Price List

grocery good buy list

     Pay Less by using and keeping a Grocery Price list. Grocery Price list a Grocery Price list features products that are "Good Buys." A good buy is a product at its best price. It is a product that you need and use on a regular basis. It is one that you would have bought because you need it. What makes it a Good Buy is that you bought it at a price that is less than what it normally cost. It then become more valuable because you spent less. I use the example of I pay less for my Lucky … [Read more...]

Reasons to Cancel Your Gym Membership

gym membership

Is being fit expanding your spending? Everywhere you turn there are commercials and advertisements telling you why you need to join a gym. My savings tip for today is telling you why you may not need a gym membership and how to save money and still work out. #1-If you don't go to the gym at least once a week- you do not need a gym membership. #2 - If you don't take advantage of all the extra perks your gym offers (but you are paying for). Examples:Childcare, aerobics classes, towel … [Read more...]

Three ways to save money on drinks

Three ways to save on drinks I can't tell you where it all goes but my children drink water, juice, milk, and hot cocoa like it is going out of style. This is also true when we are dinning out. I used to buy the kids meal and the drinks were extra. I would find myself with huge bills. We implemented a rule that for every drink other than water would be followed by water. This rule helped us save a lot of money when we were out since out children would only order one drink and have  half a … [Read more...]