All Natural Quick Bathroom Clean Up Tips

Clean bathroom tips

All Natural Quick Bathroom Clean Up Tips   A house is often judged for its cleanliness by the appearance of the bathroom and the kitchen. It doesn't matter how dirty the rest of the house is if these two rooms are not clean. The bathroom is often the most used room in the house and often the most neglected when it comes to cleaning yet it can contain some of the most disgusting germs. To tackle these germs you do not have to resort to chemicals or expensive cleaners but you can ...

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Plus Size Clothing Under $10

Plus size clothing under $10

Plus Size Clothing Under $10   Being a Plus Size Women makes it harder to find clothes in your everyday stores, even though the selections are slowly getting better. However, the price tag for Plus Size fashion can sometimes leave a person with sticker stock. When a person is going up or down a size it becomes even more of a burden to buy clothes they know they will only need for a short period of time. Often times they resort to sweat pants and leggings because they know they will ...

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Where to Buy Cheap Sports Clothing Apparel


Where to Buy Cheap Sports Clothing Apparel   Since having a child that could speak and tell me what she wanted to do, I've found out how expensive children really are! After school activities are something important to me and my family, but getting the right attire for them can get expensive! So I went searching for where to buy cheap sports clothing apparel and wanted to put them in a post for other parents that might be struggling with the high costs of having kids in sports! ...

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How to Clean Using Natural Products

how to clean

How to Clean Using Natural Products We are faced with many options in cleaning products and everyday it seems there are ads promising better results or better smells. Does the fact something smells like Citrus trees mean it cleans better than something else? This is a questions we don't ask ourselves but tend to find ourselves believing the advertisements around us. When we step back we realize we can keep our house clean and our family a whole lot safer when when we follow these tips ...

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Making Money Sell Consignment

making money sell consignment

Making Money Sell Consignment  Trying to find ways to make money only requires a look thru your closets and drawers to come up with a pile of clothes and belongings that you can Sell Consingment.  With just a few easy steps you can turn this pile of clothes and belongings into cash to use towards your next vacation, pay off bills or put away for a rainy day. To get the most money for your time and belongings follow these tips to get started on Sell Consignment.  ...

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Save On Organic Foods

Save On Organic Foods

Save On Organic Foods It is true. I am buying more organic food. I have also seen a huge increase in my bill until I realized that I could get my grocery bill down easily by following these tips to save on organic foods  . The first tip is buy local. I mean it go to the farmer's market. I grab my cloth bag and $20 and see what I can challenge the kids to buy. I find that if my children pick the veggies they will try new things. This local farmer's market in West Virginia is a great ...

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Walking Weight Loss Motivation Products

walking weight loss

Walking Weight Loss Products to Keep You Motivated   We all know that Walking is a great way to keep active and achieve weight loss but sometimes we can get bored with the same walking routine. We have discussed previously Walking Weight Loss Tips  and How to Drink Water to Lose Weight . Today we will be discussing Motivation Products to keep you on the right track for Walking Weight Loss.  ...

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Healthy Dog Treat Recipes Tips

Healthy dog treat recipes tips

Healthy Dog Treat Recipes Tips   I enjoy making Healthy Dog Treat Recipes but admit to not always having the perfect results every time. I have learned some tips and tricks that make creating these treats for my pets easier. You will find that these tips will help save you time and allow you to create delicious Healthy Dog Treat Recipes every time.  ...

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Top Borax Uses

borax uses

Top Borax Uses     I first added Borax to my cleaning supply list when I started making my own Homemade Dishwasher Detergent. It is also used in this DIY Laundry Detergent Recipe. Once I started having Borax in my house on a regular basis, I wanted to know what else it could be used for. It is important that products can multi-task and that products are used to their fullest potential. Now it doesn't sit on my shelf between batches of detergent but instead helps me with a whole area of ...

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5 Fun Top High Paying Jobs


5 Fun Top High Paying Jobs   Happy Monday everyone! I hope you had a great weekend! Today I wanted to share something fun! My list of 5 Fun Top High Paying Jobs! If you are looking for a job that you could enjoy, but also be able to pay the bills, then these jobs might be for you! These 5 fun top high paying jobs are in a number of different fields, and there might be something perfect for you in this list!  ...

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