Planning a Wedding on a Budget

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It's wedding season! Some of you may be planning weddings yourself or have friends that are planning weddings. Did you know that you don't have to break the bank to plan a wedding? With some planning and doing some work yourself, you can have a nice wedding on a budget. My husband and I had an evening wedding with approximately 150 guests on a very tight budget. For the next few weeks I would like to share a few tips on how to plan a frugal wedding. Now if you are not planning a wedding, I hope … [Read more...]

Make the Most of Your Meals

Cooking dinner is sometimes stressful from a time and money standpoint. Below are a few tips to make your meals go further. This is a post that I wrote for Ideas That Spark. Ideas That Spark: Mom2Mom Stretch Your Family Meals By Renae Chiovaro for Ideas That Spark Cooking at home is the most economical way to feed your family. Here’s how to make the most of your time and money. Cook once, eat twice. That doesn’t mean you have to serve the same meal each night! Cook extra servings of the … [Read more...]

Tips for Curbing Impulse Buying

Ahhh, impulse buying. Yes, I am guilty! I get a thrill from a deal and sometimes find it hard to pass up a sale. Just because something is a good deal, doesn't mean you need to buy it! I have to remind myself of this constantly. Below you will find some good tips to help curb impulse spending, since money does not grow on trees! How To Curb Your Impulse Spending by: Mrs. Not Made of Money Impulse spending can cause havoc to any well-developed budget. No matter how carefully you plan your … [Read more...]

Preserving Fresh Strawberries & Cherries

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This weekend we picked strawberries and cherries at  local orchards. I always pick enough fresh fruit to preserve some for the off season months. Some of the fruit will be frozen and some will be canned. Of course we eat a good amount of fresh fruit too! To make your fresh fruit last longer, do not wash it until you are ready to eat it. For cherries, pick them with the stem on to make them last longer. Always pick ripe yet firm berries and cherries. If you don't own a cherry pitter, try … [Read more...]

Time to Stockpile Condiments

Memorial Day is just around the corner which means that grilling season will be in full force! So what does that mean for couponers? It is time to stockpile condiments! Condiments that will be free or very inexpensive: -- Barbecue Sauce -- Mustard -- Salad Dressing -- Ketchup -- Relish -- Marinades -- Mayonnaise Condiments will continue to go on sale throughout the summer months. Plus coupons for condiments are prevalent this time of year. The goal should be to stockpile enough for the winter … [Read more...]

Summer Reading Program Roundup

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In many parts of the country, school will be out shortly.  Summer camp and a host of summer activities are likely already filling up the calendar.  But how about keeping the kids reading and enjoying new adventures or learning about the places you’ll visit while they’re out on break? Three major bookstores sponsor Summer Reading Programs that reward kids for reading during the summer.  It’s a major win for moms and dad because it encourages kids to read, but kids win too because they get great … [Read more...]

Tips for Keeping a Hobby Affordable

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My current hobby (besides couponing!) is gardening. I love the taste of homegrown veggies and I enjoy being in the sun tending to the harvest. I get a thrill out of watching the crops develop. Gardening isn't necessary an expensive hobby, but I do incorporate the following tips. 4 Tips To Keep Your Hobby Expenses In Check By: Mrs. Not Made of Money Hobbies bring a lot of benefit to the daily lives of many people. They give people an opportunity to learn new things, to feel pride at their … [Read more...]

Ask a Lawyer: How do you address over eaters and under spenders?

I have a friend from high school who has a very funny blog- solving dilemmas with a legal edge. I thought I would share some of her sage advice. I would also encourage you to help her achieve her dream of winning a show on TV of her own via Oprah. Miranda is just like us! She is a working mom who is trying to get it all done while maintaining her sense of humor. Click Here to HELP Dining Disaster Dear Counselor, I have an issue with the dining etiquette with one of my friends. The last two … [Read more...]

How Much Soap Do You Really Need?

I have a confession, I was using too much soap in my dishwasher! The more soap the better, right? Nope, soap is actually hard on your appliances and the items you are washing. A couple of months ago our fairly new dishwasher broke. I was pretty upset since we bought a top of the line dishwasher. Thankfully it was under warranty! The dishwasher repair man indicated that we were using too much soap. Really? Most of the time we use Electrosal tabs since I was able to get them for next to nothing a … [Read more...]

Planning a Frugal Vacation with a Staycation

Summer is upon us and that means it is time to start planning for a vacation. Although you may dream of a vacation in a far away land, planning a staycation is more economical. Plus, it can be fun exploring your own backyard! Frugal Ideas For A Home Based Vacation by: Mrs. Not Made of Money As you make your plans for the summer, you may be faced with the grim reality that an expensive vacation just isn’t in the cards for you and your family this year. Rising fuel costs and the price of air … [Read more...]