How to Save Money Gardening

How to save money gardening

How to Save Money Gardening There are many ways in which gardening can save you money. There's the obvious mark up that many grocery stores carry because they brick-and-mortar businesses with their own price points they have to meet before profit. So when you buy your produce from them you're also paying their rent, electricity, and employees. There is also the markup from the manufacturer who's had to package and market their product as well. Even bananas that don't require packaging have ...

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Recycling Dental Floss Containers + printable Lego storage labels

No more rooting around at the bottom of the bin for the tiny pieces.

Recycling in the bathroom? Say what? Do you remember to recycle empty bottles and containers that you use in the bathroom? This is one of those areas that I would like to try and be better about recycling. In the kitchen, it is easier because the recycling bin is near by. But in the bathroom, especially if it is a smaller container I often just toss it in the trash without thinking instead of taking it out to the recycling bin. I have a few ideas to help myself and my family to do a better job ...

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Quick Tips on Packing for Vacation with Kids


Disclosure: This post is sponsored by OshKosh B’Gosh; however, all thoughts and opinions expressed are my own. Quick Tips on Packing for Vacation with Kids OshKosh B'Gosh #BreakForSpring Spring Break is around the corner and packing for a vacation can be stressful. What do I need to bring and how can I pack the most into one suitcase. I have some tips I would like to share with you on how I pack for family vacation with kids. Its time to #BreakForSpring Packing for my daughter is the ...

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What I learned doing my own tax return

You can do your own tax return

I have been doing my own tax return since I got my first job at the age of 16. That means I have been doing my own tax return for (dare I admit it?) more than 20 years. With one exception, I did not do my own tax return the year when we bought our first home. I'll admit it I was scared, too much new stuff that I did not know. But after paying several hundred dollars to have some one else prepare my tax return that year I was determine to figure out the whole mortgage piece of it and continue ...

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Spring Cleaning Tips with Free Printable Deep House Cleaning Checklist

Free Printable Deep House Cleaning Checklist

Disclosure: This spring cleaning post is sponsored by Kimberly-Clark and The Motherhood, but all opinions expressed here are mine and I hope you like them. Spring Cleaning Tips Springtime is finally here! One of my favorite things about spring is opening my windows, letting the light in, and sprucing everything up! You know what I'm talking about, Spring Cleaning time! I know I know, most people don't like cleaning, but something about spring cleaning makes your house feel new and fresh, and ...

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How to Start a Vegetable Garden

How to Start a Vegetable Garden

How to Start a Vegetable Garden Creating and maintaining a vegetable garden really cannot compete with the convenience of my local grocery store, so I am hard pressed to consider it a viable option. I feel like I am probably not the only one who wants to dive in, but is unsure how to get started and what to plant where and when. I cannot be the only one who is clueless and needs a breakdown on how to have a green thumb for dummies like me to be able to get started. Can I? ...

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Family Home Budget Tips for Living on $30000 or Less

save money

Family Home Budget Raising a family is fun but can be full of challenges. As kids grow so are the family's expenses, that's why it's important to stick with your family home budget. Below are some simple tips that you can do to save big and live on  $30,000 or less. Family Home Budget - Tips for Living on $30000 or Less Savings tips for the home: Of course the obvious: turn out lights, don't let water run, don't leave TV on. First and foremost, we created a budget on ...

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15 Uses for Coffee Grounds

Uses for Coffee Grounds

After you brew your morning coffee, what do you do with the used coffee grounds? If you said, “I throw them away”, have I got a list of uses for coffee grounds for you! Used coffee grounds can be used for many different things. Before you toss them in the trash, take a look at these unusual uses for coffee grounds that may come in handy. Uses for Coffee Grounds ...

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How to Prepare for Family Vacation with Baby

SNUG an Dry Feature

This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone. #SnugHugs #CollectiveBias How to Prepare for Family Vacation with Baby Easy Tips on Packing for a Trip Spring Break is just around the corner, and I had some tips I wanted to share with you to help to make packing is a breeze and to keep you organized during your trips even with your little ones. I rely on and trust Huggies Snug & Dry diapers to get through my trips without accidents ...

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Living on 30000 or Less: Raising a Family of 6


Budget Saving Tips on Living on 30000 or Less Raising a Family of 6 on less than $30,000 6 Tips to living on 30000 or Less My husband is a disabled Vet, works for minimum wage, and I draw disability due to a heart condition. Until we filed our taxes I thought we were doing pretty well for ourselves. That was until I saw that our total yearly income was only $22,000. This made me think about all of the ways throughout the year we have saved money. I am more than happy to share with all of ...

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