Organize Electronics, Video Games and Accessories

organize electronics

Organize Electronics, Video Games, and Accessories This Christmas brought tablets for my husband and 2 children. So we now have 9 more cords to keep track off. I have gotten very tired of chasing down chargers, USB cables, styluses, Micro SD Card adapters, and  everything in between. I seen a post about using shoe organizers as a way to organize all of these items we don't want to lose. I was sold on the idea. With these  Over the Door Shoe Organizers from Amazon for only $9.89, I am ready to … [Read more...]

Upcycle Your Used Candles

Upcycle Your Used Candles

Up-cycle Your Used Candles I get very disappointed when the wicks on my candles burn out and I have candle wax left. I hate throwing it away even though I have a closet full of candles in every shape and size. Some may just see leftover useless wax but I see $$$. This weekend I accidentally ruined my favorite jar candle because I had left it on the oven while I baked for 6 hours.I almost threw it away out of frustration when I had an idea. … [Read more...]

Free Financial Management Service from Manilla


How often do you find yourself setting and resetting passwords you can't remember for an online account, missing or being late on a payment because the bill got put at the bottom of a pile of papers on your desk, or you simply feel overwhelmed at the mess called your financial situation. Even if you are very organized, there is a solution that will keep you and your finances in balance! It is a FREE Financial Management service called Manilla. Manilla ( is a free web based service … [Read more...]

How to Save Money on Fruits and Vegetables

save money on vegetables

Save money on vegetables .Fruits and vegetables rank on the bottom of my list lately as I have seen their prices go up and the quality go down. This has always been a hard decision but with a strict grocery budget and no one in my house volunteering to give up meat, it has to be done. However, most recently I have realized not having fruits and vegetables handy is hindering my weight loss and affecting what my children eat. So I decided to figure out how I can save and have my fruits and … [Read more...]

Things To Add to Your Accident Emergency Bag


Last Thursday night I was involved in a car accident.  When I look at my car now, I can just say that we are very lucky. This got me to thinking more about what could happen in an accident.  For me I was still conscious.  I was able to call my husband and he was on the scene within about 10 minutes.  I was able to talk to the Emergency responders that came. But if not what would I do.  I do have my phone with ICE but would that be enough.  And how would they know who my doctor was, and which … [Read more...]

Household Uses for Denture Tablets


Does your favorite coffee mug have so many stains you are embarrassed to use it? Did you stop using your favorite vase because it is too hard to clean? If you answered yes then keep on reading to find out how to say good-bye stains and hello to your favorite coffee mug and vase. Household Uses for Denture Tablets: ***Generic Brand work as well as the name brand*** Fill the following items with hot water and drop in a denture tablet. Wait one hour, wipe out and rinse well. If the opening … [Read more...]

Homemaking Tips: Let’s Do This….Rust or Shine?


Let’s Do This….Rust or Shine? I know that it seems like one of the hardest things to get rid of is rust. The worst spot for me is the ledge in the shower, however recently I have spotted some in my stainless steel kitchen sink. I looked everywhere for remedies to get rid of rust, and the only thing I came across was lemon juice and salt. Basically you sprinkle the salt over the rust and then squirt (or squeeze if you bought or have fresh lemons) the lemon juice over the rust and let sit for … [Read more...]

Van organization

Trunk organization

I am a mini van mom. I said I would never get one. Then entered baby number three  because life happens and I couldn't help but get a mini van. I mean they make the most sense. The gas mileage was good and I got a super deal on mine. I bought it through USAA.I suggest you contact your bank to see if they have a car buying service. The local dealer could not meet the price I got. I did drive two hours each way but I saved 5,000 so it was worth it. The best part was my husband was amazed by the … [Read more...]

Saving Tips on Healthcare or Other Medical Expenses


For most families the cost of healthcare premiums and medical expenses place an enormous burden on our budgets and our families. For some families they become a much heavier burden as they do not have the luxury of having any form of health insurance. In my work as a medical biller and an medical office manager I have seen first hand how it affects people in all stages of life.I also feel the burden personally and have compiled a list of ways to save on Healthcare/Medical expenses. If you … [Read more...]

All Natural Drain Cleaning tip: The joy of…Drains?


I am a stay at home mom of 2 amazing girls (ages 5 and 3), and happily married with 3 4-legged kids: Bentley, our yellow lab, Aspen, our siberian husky, and Onyx, our tuxedo kitty. Over the past 5 years of being a SAHM, I have felt a need to help others, and this year I finally launched my blog Pigtails & Flip-Flops. It is dedicated to help those out there who may need some inspiration, a good laugh, to feel like you're not alone, craft ideas, a little push of motivation, or some super … [Read more...]