Dave Ramsey’s Guide to Budgeting FREE

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Do you want to get your budget on track for the New Year? You will definitely want to download this FREE Guide to Budgeting by Dave Ramsey. Dave Ramsey is offering Dave's Guide to Budgeting for FREE!! If you ever wanted a direct approach to getting out of debt and managing your finances you will want to download this. Dave's Guide to Budgeting provides practical advice and encouragement to get you started on the path to financial freedom and security. Download this for FREE today. Thank … [Read more...]

Savings on Winter Coats


Big Savings on Winter Coats   The best time to buy winter coats in now! I saved more than $5 by buying my winter coat online. I ordered through Lands ends. I ordered 4 coats because I had no idea what would look good on me. It really didn't matter because the coats were around $40 each. I am going to keep all 4 but my budget was $150 for a winter coat. I know that the best time to buy a winter coat is in January. The large retails begin to mark down right after Christmas and make major mark … [Read more...]

Saving on Dental Bills

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Saving on Dental Bills Save on Dental Bills I am not sure if you have this problem or not but I have dental insurance and it never covers everything I get done. I have recently started calling around to see how close what a dentist charges matches what my insurance plan pays. I have some work that needs to get done so I have called to receive quotes on the work. I have found the difference in what I would owe over my co-pay to be as much as $100. If you do your research you will save on … [Read more...]

$5 Savings Plan

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Do you know what the $5 Savings Plan is? The $5 Savings Plan is a savings plan that focuses on the $5 bill. Every time you get a $5 bill,  you put it aside in your savings.  Some people don't do every $5 bill. Instead, they save a $5 from their wallet everyday. The problem with this plan is it doesn't work for everyone. Some of the reasons this plan may not work is people do not use cash on a daily basis, people can't afford to give up the $5 bill in their wallet, or they do not have $5 to … [Read more...]

Saving on Heating Costs


Saving on Heating Costs Budget Savings Tip #6 Today I spent ten dollars. I am sure you are asking how did you save $5. The answer is simple I know that the $10 I spent will result in several $5 savings. What is it I did. Well we replaced the Weather Strip on the bottom of our front door. Then we went on to replace the strips on all external doors. We have lived in our house for several years and we have begun to notice a horrible draft every time we walk by the doors. We could … [Read more...]

Budget Saving Tip #5 – Make Your Own Laundry Soap

This 2013 our goal is to save more money! MadameDeals is all about Making Dollar$ Out of Change, so everyday we will be sharing some useful and simple tips that we can easily do. Saving a few buck$ may not be a lot, but if you will combine all the savings that you can get within a year, I'm sure you'll all be surprised with the result. Our budget saving tip for today is on laundry soap I never realized how much money I can save until I started making my own laundry soap. Not only is it very … [Read more...]

Helping others can save you money

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Budget Saving Tip #4 Helping others can save you money... There are so many things you can do for free to help other. We have 100 ways to help others for free. I suggest you read it. I was able to save $5 today by simply helping someone else. How do you ask? I opened the door for a woman and her kids. She thanked me and we started talking while waiting in line at the local bounce house. We both went up to the register to pay and she told me about the special they were running for admission. I … [Read more...]

Budget Saving Tip #3 – Brownies


This is about having your cake and eating it too or in this case "spending less" and having your brownies. We all make brownies but making them for less is a way to save money. When you look at this you say how did she save $5. I made two batches for the teacher's at my son's school instead of picking up a cake for $6.99. This 2013 our goal is to save more money! MadameDeals is all about Making Dollar$ Out of Change, so everyday we will be sharing some useful and simple tips that we can … [Read more...]