Frugal Living Ideas: 5 Tips on Living on 30000 or Less


Frugal Living Ideas Living on 30000 or Less   5 Tips on living on 30000 or less I have a larger than average family, there are 7 of us, and I like to pride myself in living a little differently than everyone else. We have one income, provided by my husband, and I like to think that part of my job is making the very most of his paycheck. Over the years, we have become expert and making a dollar stretch into more buying power than anyone thought possible. Frugal Living Ideas I'd ...

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Hosting a Cookout on a Budget

hosting a cookout on a budget

Hosting a Cookout on a Budget Hosting a Cookout on a Budget-I love that the weather it's starting to get warm, that means it's time for flip flops, swimming, and cookouts! What is better than rounding up some friends and throwing some burgers on the grill? Nothing!  You get to enjoy being outside in the fresh air, and the clean up is much easier! Cookouts are a great way to spend your summer days, and here are some tips for hosting a cookout on a budget to make it even better! Here are ...

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How to cure a Sore Throat Naturally


How to cure a Sore Throat Naturally How to cure a Sore Throat Naturally-  Springtime is here! And we all know what that means, springtime colds and allergies. There are plenty of things that can make your have a sore throat, Like allergies, sickness, smoking, singing, dry air, and even acid reflux. So the chances of you getting a sore throat soon, are pretty good. Check out these natural ways to cure a sore throat that may keep you away from the pharmacy counter or doctors office! Here ...

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10 Best Frugal Work Lunches to Pack

frugal work lunch

10 Best Frugal Work Lunches to Pack 10 Best Frugal Work Lunches to Pack- Bringing a  packed lunch to work can save some serious cash (and time at the drive thru!)If you are looking for ideas on what frugal work lunches to pack, you have come to the right place! Check out these 10 Best Frugal Work Lunches to Pack for some great ideas for your upcoming work week! Here are our 10 Best Frugal Work Lunches to Pack: 1.Make a Soup-  Soups are easy meal to make for your workday. There are so ...

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How to Clean Stainless Steel

how to clean stainless steele

How to clean Stainless Steel For those of us with Stainless Steel appliances and furniture, we know how much of a pain it can be to keep it looking fresh and new. Follow these tips as you attempt to get rid of streaks, spots, handprints  and more, and you'll figure out how to clean a stainless steel surface in no time! Here are some tips on how to clean Stainless Steel: ...

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15 Breakfast Ideas for on the Go!


15 Breakfast Ideas for on the Go! We all know mornings can be hectic. When  you add kids to the mix, your mornings can get downright chaotic. Everyone needs to get dressed, find lost backpacks and shoes, make lunches, do their hair,and everyone is fighting for a position in front of that mirror. While I can't help you with dividing up mirror time, I do have some ideas  for grabbing a quick breakfast on the go. The 15 ideas below should get you pointed in the right direction(without having ...

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How to Get your Kids to Eat Vegetables


How to Get your Kids to Eat Vegetables We all know that eating vegetables are good for you, But how do you get your kids to actually eat them? This is a problem that I'm sure most parents have faced at some point. Lucky for me, my little girl loves her veggies, and usually eats them first! It wasn't always like that though! It took some time and a few late nights at the table. Here are some tips and tricks on how to get your kids to eat vegetables! Tips on how to get your kids ...

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Easy Weeknight Dinners: A Collection of Ideas

easy weeknight dinner

Easy Weeknight Dinner Ideas Easy Weeknight Dinners:Weeknights for most families are busy! I only have 1 child and I am busy enough. Anything that will make my life a little easier is definitely worth sharing, so I thought I would share this with you.  Easy Weeknight Dinners: A collection of Ideas. These ideas are great for the family-on-the-go, or the mom that is worn out and doesn't want to play short order cook for the picky kids again. We've all done it. We've pulled into that ...

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Living on 30000 or Less: Raising a Large Family


Living on 30000 or Less Raising a Large Family on Less Than $30,000 Raising a Large Family Raising a family, large or small, can be a difficult task no matter where you come from or your position in society or in your community. I have a large family of 10 when everyone is together, so I am always looking for a good deal or a way to save money, there just never seems to be enough of it no matter how hard we all try. ...

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Fun and Cheap Spring Break Staycation Ideas

Spring Break Staycation

Spring Break Staycation It’s that time of year again – Spring Break. It’s the one week all school-age students have in the back of their minds once Christmas break is over, the one week during the spring semester that students get to be free. It’s fun for them…but what about for you, the parents? How do you keep your children entertained during their free week? Here are some ideas to have a fun, relatively cheap Spring Break Staycation ideas that keep you close to home without boring the ...

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