Things To Add to Your Accident Emergency Bag


Last Thursday night I was involved in a car accident.  When I look at my car now, I can just say that we are very lucky. This got me to thinking more about what could happen in an accident.  For me I was still conscious.  I was able to call my husband and he was [...]

Household Uses for Denture Tablets


Does your favorite coffee mug have so many stains you are embarrassed to use it? Did you stop using your favorite vase because it is too hard to clean? If you answered yes then keep on reading to find out how to say good-bye stains and hello to your favorite coffee mug and vase. Household [...]

Van organization

Trunk organization

I am a mini van mom. I said I would never get one. Then entered baby number three  because life happens and I couldn’t help but get a mini van. I mean they make the most sense. The gas mileage was good and I got a super deal on mine. I bought it through USAA.I [...]

Saving Tips on Healthcare or Other Medical Expenses


For most families the cost of healthcare premiums and medical expenses place an enormous burden on our budgets and our families. For some families they become a much heavier burden as they do not have the luxury of having any form of health insurance. In my work as a medical biller and an medical office [...]

Tuesday Tips: Riders Beware


Early last week, I noticed there was this mall carnival all set up and ready to go. My husband happened to be with me at the time, and I all but begged him to take Reagan on it. She loves things like that, has only been to one carnival in her short almost 3 years, [...]