Lysol Power & Free Review


Lysol Power & Free I have the best job I was compensated to clean my bathroom and I was provided the Lysol Power & Free Multi Purpose Spray to do it with. That really isn't the best part. I have a  huge problem with most cleaners they contain bleach. I am not sure what it is about bleach but I automatically get a headache if it is used in my house. I swear. My husband thought that I just said that to get out of cleaning until I told him to call my mom and she confirmed that bleach makes … [Read more...]

FREE trial issue of Good Housekeeping

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Click the Picture above to get a FREE Trial issue of Good Housekeeping! You will fill out your mailing info and click "submit" and be brought to a page offering an additional 2 issues if you fill out your billing info, but if you are not interested in that, simply click "No thanks" and it will take you to a conformation screen. Easy as that! I love this magazine! It's got awesome ideas and recipes in it, and now you can try it out for FREE :) … [Read more...]

Upcycle Your Used Candles

Upcycle Your Used Candles

Up-cycle Your Used Candles I get very disappointed when the wicks on my candles burn out and I have candle wax left. I hate throwing it away even though I have a closet full of candles in every shape and size. Some may just see leftover useless wax but I see $$$. This weekend I accidentally ruined my favorite jar candle because I had left it on the oven while I baked for 6 hours.I almost threw it away out of frustration when I had an idea. … [Read more...]

Household Uses for Denture Tablets


Does your favorite coffee mug have so many stains you are embarrassed to use it? Did you stop using your favorite vase because it is too hard to clean? If you answered yes then keep on reading to find out how to say good-bye stains and hello to your favorite coffee mug and vase. Household Uses for Denture Tablets: ***Generic Brand work as well as the name brand*** Fill the following items with hot water and drop in a denture tablet. Wait one hour, wipe out and rinse well. If the opening … [Read more...]

Homemaking Tips: Let’s Do This….Rust or Shine?


Let’s Do This….Rust or Shine? I know that it seems like one of the hardest things to get rid of is rust. The worst spot for me is the ledge in the shower, however recently I have spotted some in my stainless steel kitchen sink. I looked everywhere for remedies to get rid of rust, and the only thing I came across was lemon juice and salt. Basically you sprinkle the salt over the rust and then squirt (or squeeze if you bought or have fresh lemons) the lemon juice over the rust and let sit for … [Read more...]

All Natural Drain Cleaning tip: The joy of…Drains?


I am a stay at home mom of 2 amazing girls (ages 5 and 3), and happily married with 3 4-legged kids: Bentley, our yellow lab, Aspen, our siberian husky, and Onyx, our tuxedo kitty. Over the past 5 years of being a SAHM, I have felt a need to help others, and this year I finally launched my blog Pigtails & Flip-Flops. It is dedicated to help those out there who may need some inspiration, a good laugh, to feel like you're not alone, craft ideas, a little push of motivation, or some super … [Read more...]

Tuesday Tips: Riders Beware


Early last week, I noticed there was this mall carnival all set up and ready to go. My husband happened to be with me at the time, and I all but begged him to take Reagan on it. She loves things like that, has only been to one carnival in her short almost 3 years, and honestly I thought that would be a super fun thing for just Daddy, Reagan and I. Know what he said?? ‘NO! Those carnival things can kill someone!’ L Well, as fun as he really can be, it is just like the fair in my opinion. … [Read more...]

The Beauty of Tantrums


A week or so back I saw one of my new-mother friends having a really rough time. She was a first time mom, nervous to be alone with new baby (then again aren’t we all?), scared to go anywhere with new baby, but most of all….new baby would not go to sleep. She was living on a couple hours of sleep daily, as her beautiful new baby would not calm down enough to sleep more than a couple hours at a time. As much as I hurt for her I realized….she is not the only woman out there who wants to pull … [Read more...]

Homemaking Tips: Bath-time Tricks


Have you noticed how hard it is to successfully wash your daughters hair? The reason I say daughter is because 98% of the time they are the troublemakers, but boys may cause this too. No matter how hard I try to get my youngest to let me wash her hair she fights me so hard I wind up giving up from lack of energy. She is very strong willed like my husband, so I have learned a few tricks from her stubbornness….Hope they help you out. J 1. Let them do it their self – My daughter is 2½, and … [Read more...]

The Art of Homemaking


After years of being a homemaker I have made numerous decisions, as well as acquired a variety of opinions about them. It can be chaotic, stressful, and there are days where you just want to toss in the towel because you think you cant handle it and a daily 9-5 would be better. Life isn’t perfect, there are bumps in the road, and once we realize that everyone around us has their imperfect moments, we will all be a bit happier...Cause guess what MOMS?! None of us are perfect no matter how hard we … [Read more...]