Your Kid is Obese and it is Your Fault

child obesity

Your Kid is Obese and it is Your FaultI can't say you will enjoy reading this post. I am also sure I will get hate mail by the hundreds. I am just being honest. We have a duty as a parent to do what is best for our children. If your child is obese  you are failing. You are not teaching them to make healthy choices. You may not even be providing them with the opportunity to make healthy choices. I am judging. I am concerned. I should be. I am worried that your child will have these habits ...

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Social Media Debate: Is It Still Okay to Call Someone Ma’am?


Social Media DebateIf you have a social media account such as Facebook or Twitter, you have probably found yourself involved in at least a debate or two about an issue that appeared on your feed. Sometimes these issues revolve around national, local, or community politics. Others may be centered on questions posed about child rearing. Still others may involve your favorite sports team or a celebrity scandal. Social Media Debate: Is It Still Okay to Call Someone Ma'am? This past week, a ...

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Maya Angelou Famous Quotes


Maya Angelou Famous Quotes Do you believe things happen for a reason? Well, over the years, I have come to believe they do. As I was contemplating what to write for today’s Thought Provoking Thursday post, I remembered seeing headlines and brief posts about a writer and poet who passed away yesterday. It dawned on me that this woman’s contributions could be the basis of my post.Before leaving work today, my office manager showed me a list of quotes she was bringing to a small group study ...

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Is My Child Spoiled?


Is My Child Spoiled? This week my daughter turned 6 and as I was going over birthday plans and presents I had to ask myself, is my child spoiled? Does my child have nice things? Yes! Do I know how to say NO to her? Most of the time, yeah I do. My daughter is an only child, as am I and my husband. We get teased a lot about "only child syndrome", and how we were the center of our parents world, and our daughter is the same to us. Well that would be true...she is the center of our ...

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Mothers Day Story: 10 Things I Learned From My Mom

10 things i learned

Mothers Day Story 10 Things I Learned From My MomA Mothers Day Story Growing up I resented my mom more often than I loved her. It wasn't very long after I graduated that I moved out of the house with my older sister. I moved out because one of us wasn't going to make it (between my mom and I). We were too much alike and constantly butting heads on things. I was also ready to stretch my legs and experience life outside of my strict "Baptist" upbringing. I will honest that I didn't do ...

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Parent tips for Social Media


Parent tips for Social Media Parent Tips for Social Media- Did you know that 22% of Teens and Preteens log on to their social media accounts more than 10 times a day? A day. Also, 75% of teens have personal cell phones. Today's youth are consumed with the idea of being able to share their lives via social media, and connecting with others. This can be a great thing, but also a dangerous one. With cyber bullying and catfishing running rampant on social  sites like  Facebook, ...

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Why we said No to Disney World

fantasyland disney world

It all started 10 years ago. You have a child and you think about all the places you want to take them. All the things you want to do. Fantasyland Disney World enters your mind. Then you begin to realize no matter how much you want to take your children everywhere. You really can't afford everything. You can't give everything in the present moment. You have to be able to say "No" now so you can say yes in the future.It has been a constant battle to say "No" to  Fantasyland Disney World. I ...

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Stop the Mom Shaming!


Stop the Mom Shaming! Happy Thursday everyone! Today I wanted to talk about an interesting subject, Mom Shaming. Have you ever heard someone whisper about you while letting your child have a sip of a coke? Or had someone ask you what you do all day if you are a stay at home mom? Or, have you been the one that has made comments about a mom whose child is having a tantrum in a store? I'm sure we are all guilty of it, and it's time to STOP!  ...

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Why I Really Love Blogging

why i love blogging

Thought Provoking Thursday People are always asking how I get to do the things I do, meet the people I meet and review the products I receive. When they learn that I write and blog, they naturally think that must be why I Really Love Blogging. The thing is as much as I love visiting new places and getting really cool products to review, that is not why I really love blogging. Blogging is more than the free stuff and interesting people I get to meet. It is hard to explain to people but after ...

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I owe the IRS $1,400…Now what?


I owe the IRS $1,400...Now what? Tax time is a cause of headache for a lot of people, but until yesterday it was just a mild annoyance. I got home from work yesterday and checked my mail and saw the dreaded letter. The letter from the IRS. I've never gotten anything from them before, so of course I was concerned. My first thought was something must have been wrong with the return we had filed last month. I was wrong. ...

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