Walgreens Trip

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Just returned from Walgreens and ended up with some great deals. First, make sure you ask the employee at the cosmetics counter if they have any gift bags with coupons. We scored another bag today with samples and $50.00 in Walgreens coupons. Deals not posted in our previous post: Walgreens Training pants $5.99, used -$2.00 coupon from gift bag, makes it $3.99. (2) Crystal Light Skin Essentials $1.99 and  (2) Crystal Light Drink mix .94¢, used (2) coupons for FREE Skin Essentials & a … [Read more...]

Rite Aid Rebates

Enter them now.. or before June 29,2009.. I took me less than 2 minutes. I timed myself.. I got $14.99 coming back :) Go to Here to learn more 1) go to website 2) click on single check rebate icon 3) fill in store number 4) fill in register number 5) fill in transaction number 6) submit for a rebate check... So I got $10 in free baby products and some ob2 styling spray :) Something for the baby and something for me for FREE, FREE, FREE, FREE … [Read more...]



Remember that you can print Target store coupons HERE. (scroll down the page until you get to the Target coupon generator, enter the number of coupons you want, it will generate multiple coupons) If you prefer, you can print them from the Target site HERE. Have you noticed that Target is now selling more grocery items? They are trying to keep up with Walmart so stay tuned for more grocery items available at your local Target. [%printable-list:PublixNovember11%] … [Read more...]

It is not what you save it is what you spend

The title of this post is dedicated to my husband.. before I started my coupon habit.. I would save tons! I mean I would buy three shirts because they were on "sale". You know three shirts on "sale" equaled the cost of one normal priced shirt. My husband loves to listen to me reason my purchases he found it charming.(HA HA HA) I mean he is in sales and I could easily sell anything to anyone. One day I came home with bags of on sale goods and he smiled and said, "Amee, it is not what you save it … [Read more...]

Do not pay for these items ever again

Free beauty items ... or close to it!! Toothpaste- Walgreens- Colgate dental care Tooth brush or paste just 99¢ after register reward use $1.00 coupon from the newspaper free Mouthwash- at CVS Crest Pro-Health Enamel Shield toothpaste pay $3.49 then get back 2 Ecb Use the $1 coupon from the newspaper Final cost .49¢ Shampoo and conditioner- Rite Aid- Suave shampoo just 77¢ buy 3 and use the coupon for $1.75 off just 56¢ total for all three bottles Hair styler- Rite Aid- Free may 11th and May … [Read more...]

Rock Bottom Drug Store Roundup

Here is a list of the BEST deals happening at the drug stores this week.CVSBayer Breeze2 or Contour Glucose Meter $14.99 ($5 ECB's, limit 2)-$14.99 from coupon (says $30 but will be adjusted down), makes it a $5 moneymaker!Note: Walgreens is running a similar promotion with Register Rewards for the monitor.Bayer Quick Release Crystals $2.00 ($2 ECB's, limit 1)-$1.00 coupon from tear pad near display; makes it a $1 moneymaker!Schick Quattro For Women $8.99 ($4 ECB's, limit 5)-$4.00 coupon form … [Read more...]

Target Store Coupons

Did you know that Target has store coupons? You can print Target web coupons HERE. I have also find Target coupons in the Sunday paper occasionally, in magazines and in my snail mailbox. Why are Target coupons so beneficial? Well, remember that you can stack store coupon with a manufactures coupon. A store coupon and a manufacture coupon allows you to use TWO coupons on one item. Stacking coupons can make for some great deals! If an item will generate possible overage, give a manufactures … [Read more...]

Rolling Register Rewards

[youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EZBKRFxFULA]Today’s Vlog is on how to roll Register Rewards at Walgreens. Remember that Register Rewards are like Walgreens money. As of now, Walgreens does not have a card you have to sign up for. The Register Rewards will print in the form of a catalina (paper coupon) with your receipt. There are other items generating Register Rewards this week that I did not include in the video. Please check your ad for additional deals. I know that most of you are … [Read more...]

What is a Money Maker?

It’s Money Making Monday!Every now and then you will see us post about a money maker. How exactly can you MAKE money when “buying” products at a store? Let me tell you how! The easiest places to purchase a MONEY MAKER product would be at a drugstore like CVS or Walgreens. You see, these drugstores offer rewards programs. CVS uses Extra Care Bucks (ECB’s) and Walgreens uses Register Rewards (RR’s). The ECB’s and RR’s are used like store money. Almost every week CVS will offer a product as FREE … [Read more...]


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Are you headed out shopping today?Make sure to pick up your FREEBIES at Home Depot and Target!Today is the start of Earth Week and this is just the start of freebies!Home Depot is giving away a Compact Fluorescent Light (CFL) bulb today. No purchase necessary. While supplies last. Target is giving away a reusable tote bag with purchase. Today only, while supplies last. … [Read more...]