Cedar Point Review

cedar point

 Cedar Point Offers Something for Everyone I hadn't been to Cedar Point since I was a teenager so when I got the opportunity to go last weekend, I was excited as the kids. I was a little worried because neither of my kids have been on roller coasters before and I didn't want to hear the whole time how bored they were. I reassured them there were other types of rides but my husband and I secretly talked about how we were going to get them on at least one coaster before the weekend was … [Read more...]

Kalahari Resort Review

kalahari resort

There is something for Everyone at Kalahari Resort  My family has visited several waterparks but Kalahari Resort was not one we had ever visited. When I got the chance to go for Mother's Day, I couldn't think of any better way than to spend the day with my children and husband. We arrived at the resort right at check-in and I was surprised at all the staff bustling around the front entrance to get people to the right parking areas and resort areas. There is the main check-in and a check-in … [Read more...]

Review Discount Gift Cards GiftCardRescue.com Part 2

discount gift cards

Discount Gift Cards at GiftCardRescue.com Review Part 2 Earlier this month, I had the opportunity to review GiftCardRescue.com, a place where you can purchase discount gift cards and sell your unwanted ones. I decided to use this website to sell a $25 gift card for Bath & Body Works that had been collecting dust in my purse for over a year. As I mentioned in the first part of my review, the online transaction was easy to complete and only took a few minutes. The following day, I … [Read more...]

Iman Make Up Review

Iman Make-up review

  Iman Make Up Review  We just love Iman's Make up. It is great for woman of all skin colors. You can see my last review of Imans BB creme in my Iman Make up review.  I love to make video of what the make up looks like on my actual skin it is easier to see it on someone than in the bottle. I received more Iman Make up in my mailbox provided by Iman. They allow me to try ti out and hope that I will tell you all about it. That is part of my job as a blogger to review cool stuff anyway this time I … [Read more...]

Board Game Review: Bejeweled

board game

Bejeweled Board Game Review and Giveaway Looking for a New and Different Board Game? Try Bejeweled! My family enjoys the occasional board game, but my active kids often prefer to spend their time playing outdoors. However, we had a change of plans this spring when my seven-year-old daughter broke her arm. Suddenly, we found ourselves indoors with lots of time on our hands. That's why I was thrilled when Hasbro gave us the opportunity to review their Bejeweled Board Game - a real-world version … [Read more...]

Xtreme Customz Party by Ridermakerz Review

xtreme customz

Fun Abounded Around The Table at the Xtreme Customz Party Thank to Mommy Parties I was given the chance to have an Xtreme Customz Party for my nephew, Michael. We were sent the Xtreme Customz BATMAN ridez! For those that aren't familiar with Xtreme Customz, they are a line of customizable cars/ride kits that you can buy at your local store. They offer cars with Super Hero Themes to Military Jeeps. There is a car or 5 that every child (young and old) will want to buy and make. We started off … [Read more...]

Evenflo FlexLite Travel System Review

Evenflo FlexLite Travel System Review

Evenflo FlexLite Travel System Review Every parent of a new baby needs a car seat and a stroller. Greatly due to their ability to grow with your baby, travel systems are on most parents-to-be must have lists. I know that mine was a lifesaver when I had my son, but that was 9 years ago. Like most things, especially baby products, travel systems have changed in those 9 yrs and I feel like a fish out of water trying to find to best products before my September due date. … [Read more...]

Review: Discount Gift Cards at GiftCardRescue.com

discount gift cards

Buy and Sell Discount Gift Cards at GiftCardRescue.com You know that one gift card at the bottom of your purse? The one you got a year ago and still can't figure out what to buy with it? Me too. I've been walking around with a $25 gift card from Bath & Body Works for over a year. I love that store, but each time I've gone to spend my gift card, nothing really seems to catch my eye - so back in the bottom of the purse it goes. That's why I was so excited when I was given the … [Read more...]

Waterpark Vacations: Castaway Bay Sandusky Ohio Review

castaway bay sandusky ohio

Step into a Tropical Paradise at Castaway Bay Sandusky Ohio Everyone wants to go on vacation to a Tropical Paradise but unfortunately not everyone's budget can support such a vacation. So the question becomes how do you escape the winter blues and not break the bank. I found the easy solution to be a vacation at an indoor waterpark. I am located in Michigan so there are a few options to pick from but not every waterpark is created equal in features, comfort or price. I have visited Castaway … [Read more...]

Math Essentials Review

math essentials

Take the Guess Work out of Math with Math Essentials Just say the word "Math" and both my children will groan. They dislike Math and all the work that comes with it. I have watched them struggle with concepts and I have struggled myself with the new ways they teach Math because they aren't the way I was taught. Some of things just don't make sense to them or myself and the further along in school, it will just get harder. I was beginning to stress about what to do in order to improve their … [Read more...]