Hide & Seek Geocache GPS Review


Hide & Seek Geocache GPS Review Recently I got the opportunity to review the Hide & Seek Geocache GPS with my family. Never heard of geocaching? Geocaching is an outdoor treasure hunt using GPS. A geocache is actually a small container that has a  a logbook (so people can see how many other people have found the cache before) and a small trinket (such as coins, marbles, etc)  stashed in outdoor places, such as a under a bush, park bench or inside a log. Geocache coordinates are posted ...

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Pure Blend Granola Review

pure blend granola 1

Why I Love Pure Blend Granola I recently had the opportunity to attend the Michigan International Women's Show and while I was there, I had a sample (or two) of Pure Blend Granola. I really liked it and that is saying a lot because I am a picky granola eater.  I do not like do not like "Tree-Hugger" Granola.  You know the kind that has so many nuts and crunchy things in it you wonder if there are any oats. My husband will eat any kind of granola and prefers the "sugary" kind but I like a ...

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Swimsuits For All Review

swimsuits For All

A Plus Size Review of Swimsuits For All I believe in being honest at all costs. So I will admit as much as I couldn't wait to do this review, the thought of posting pictures scared me to death. I recently had Bariatric Surgery at the beginning of April and while on vacation a few weeks ago my bathing suit top almost came down. I knew then that I had to do the dreaded swimsuit shopping. I have previously bought swimsuits from Swimsuits For All and loved them. When I was picking out the suits to ...

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Orlando Theme Park Shoppers Review


Orlando Theme Park Shoppers Review   As some of you know, me and my family just got back from our very first Disney World Vacation a few days ago! While there, my family got the pleasure to review the Disney Welcome Bag for 4 from Orlando Theme Park Shoppers! This bag was SO cute, and was a great way to start out our Disney World Vacation! The wonderful people at Orlando Theme Park Shoppers had the front desk give this bag to my little girl when we checked in, and it was a really ...

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Hips and Curves Review

hips and curves

Hips and Curves puts the Style back in Plus Size Lingerie After my recent weight loss surgery, I was feeling very iffy about my body. Rachelle was doing a review for Hips and Curves and offered to get me something to celebrate my weight loss. I was so excited to try something in a smaller size and I picked the Soft and Comfy Lace Trim Chemise in Pink.   I love the fact that is a soft cotton. Yes, I know that lingerie is supposed to be romantic and sexy but I feel it also needs to be ...

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Michigan Vacation Trip Ideas

michigan vacations

Michigan Vacation Trip Ideas- Michigan Science Center Look no further than the Michigan Science Center for Michigan Vacation Ideas No matter if you are looking for Staycation or Vacation ideas, make sure that the Michigan Science Center is on top of your list. The  Science Center is in the same location that the Detroit Science Center was located.  The Detroit Science Center closed in September 2011 but reopened under new owners and financing in December 2012. The name was changed and it ...

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Cedar Point Review

cedar point

 Cedar Point Offers Something for Everyone I hadn't been to Cedar Point since I was a teenager so when I got the opportunity to go last weekend, I was excited as the kids. I was a little worried because neither of my kids have been on roller coasters before and I didn't want to hear the whole time how bored they were. I reassured them there were other types of rides but my husband and I secretly talked about how we were going to get them on at least one coaster before the weekend was ...

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Fruit2O “Dial it Back” Party

dial it back

Celebrate Fun and Flavors with a Fruit2O "Dial it Back"  Party Fruit2O is asking everyone to pledge to "Dial It Back" on Facebook. In honor of the campaign they asked me to host a Fruit2o party to celebrate ways everyone can "Dial It Back."  They have a fun little app that will show you the ways you can "Dial It Back" on your Facebook posts. It could be pictures,comments, words you use to often.Mine said dogs were mentioned too much. Oops, I foster dogs and work with an animal rescue. I ...

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Kalahari Resort Review

kalahari resort

There is something for Everyone at Kalahari Resort  My family has visited several waterparks but Kalahari Resort was not one we had ever visited. When I got the chance to go for Mother's Day, I couldn't think of any better way than to spend the day with my children and husband. We arrived at the resort right at check-in and I was surprised at all the staff bustling around the front entrance to get people to the right parking areas and resort areas. There is the main check-in and a check-in ...

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Arby’s Classic Roast Beef Just Got Better!


This post brought to you by Arby's. All opinions are 100% mine. When I was a kid, eating out was a treat.  One of the places our family loved to go was Arby's.  I remember each of us would order a regular roast beef sandwich and curly fries.  I'd smother my roast beef sandwich with a combination of Arby's sauce and "horsey" sauce and then dip my fries in the drippings.  Just the thought of it makes my mouth water. Recently, Arby's announced a new twist to my beloved classic Roast Beef ...

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