Vtech Innotab Trouble shooting


  We bought our two children the Innotab we did so because they were the best deal and offered the best software. The accessories were also reasonable and you could ad an SD card. Vtech Innotab Trouble Shooting I wanted to share some of the things I learned while organizing their Innotabs. The first thing I would do is open them up and charge them. I would buy a charger and one for your car. They use a pretty standard charger so if you have a cell phone look before you buy the charger. I … [Read more...]

AfterSchool.com Review


I was asked to review AfterSchool.com it is a new site from the folks that brought you Diapers.com.I was excited to do this because the review including a $100 giftcard which fit perfectly into my $100 story. I used the $100 to pay it forward and buy Gifts for children who wouldn't have holiday gifts if it weren't for this review. … [Read more...]

Comfy Sacks Review

Comfy Sacks

The Pudding Monster The arrival of our chocolate, 6 foot wide, micro-suede Comfy Sack™ was heralded with much excitement. We were already bean bag fans, having bought a taupe-colored enormous ‘blob’ that the kids enjoyed rolling around on down in the theater room. Getting a second one just felt right… like deciding to have a second child or getting another dog. Simple assembly was necessary, which involved placing the seventy pound solid cube of compacted foam innards inside the exterior … [Read more...]

P&G Review Have You Tried This Yet


I am so tired. I mean the holidays have really been a lot of work. I need a break. I need some relaxing moments, I am sure you all do as well.  The awesome folks at  P&G created The  Have You Tried This Yet program. It is is here to help get you through the frenetic holiday hustle and bustle so you can have more time to celebrate with family and friends! P&G Review I was given all these awesome products by P&G to try so I could write up this post. I have to say they may have taught … [Read more...]

Perfectly Simple™ by ZonePerfect Giveaway

perfectly simple

At Madame Deals we like to keep things simple.  Our lives are busy enough as it is.  Adding anything but "simple" just doesn't work.  Perfectly Simple™, the newest addition to the ZonePerfect® nutrition bar brand, is just that ... simple.  These nutrition bar combine a few wholesome ingredients with 10 grams of protein to satisfy the taste buds. Nothing more. Nothing less. These bars will make a great addition to our donation to the Healthy Snack group which provides our local school nurses … [Read more...]

Melissa & Doug Dollhouse Review and $150 Gift Card Giveaway

melissa & doug

I've always been a big fan of Melissa & Doug products. They are well-made, unique, and perfect for my two imaginative little girls, ages 4 and 7. Naturally, I jumped at the chance to review their Multi-Level Solid Wood Dollhouse, which came just in time for my daughter's seventh birthday! The dollhouse came unassembled. I'm not particularly handy, but I was able to put it together easily in under an hour. The instructions were exceptionally clear and simple, and the only tool required … [Read more...]

Liz and Dick

Liz and Dick

  Liz and Dick: A true Hollywood story Recently I sat down with a friend to watch Lifetime’s newest dramatic documentary about Hollywood legends Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton. Not knowing a great deal about either one of them, I found myself in complete awe as I watched their lives played out on the screen. Elizabeth Taylor, known for her style and extravagance finds herself being admired and sometimes chased by fellow actor and legend Richard Burton. Watching this … [Read more...]

Be The Boss

Be The Boss

This is my dream to Be The Boss. This new show will appear in the land of reality TV. Why, should you tune in for another show? The answer is simple this one is inspiring. You see I hate when people are just given something. They never realize the importance of what they are given. This is a reality show where people compete to own a franchise of the company they work for. It is very personable and the activities are relevant to the position that they will have in the future. I actually … [Read more...]

Buster Approves! Comfort Zone® with D.A.P.® Products


This post brought to you by Comfort Zone® products. All opinions are 100% mine. My neighbor has the cutest dog, Buster.  Not long after we met, Buster and my daughter became fast friends.  Buster is great around everyone, always gentle, friendly and looking for attention.  However, the one thing which changes Buster’s demeanor is a thunderstorm or fireworks.  It is frustrating to see such a friendly, easy going dog become so stressed out. When I was asked to try Comfort Zone® with D.A.P.® … [Read more...]

Cats and Comfort Zone® with Feliway®


This post brought to you by Comfort Zone® products. All opinions are 100% mine. We’ve always had at least one, if not two cats, as members of our family.  When we first moved into our last home, we only had one cat.  We call Amaretto a queen bee.  She’s an alpha kitty tortoise shell calico who loves up on everyone who happens to be around and who is social beyond your typical cat. Not long after we moved into this house, we acquired a second cat, Miley.  Miley was another rescue kitty who … [Read more...]