My Coupon Keeper Review

my coupon keeper

Review of My Coupon Keeper  I have never used a binder but instead have always used envelopes to keep my coupons organized. I stored the envelopes in a plastic box so they would all be together. This method worked for me but did come with its own set of faults. If the box was shaken,the envelopes would slide down and get mixed up, the envelopes would rip if they were too thick, I usually had to empty the whole envelope to find the coupon I was looking for, I almost lost the lid at the grocery ...

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Kraft Zesty Italian Dressing Recipe and More!

italian dressing recipe

Disclosure: Kraft sent me a bottle of the product to review, but they haven’t reviewed or approved what I wrote below. Do You Need a Great Italian Dressing Recipe? We are a salad family. Salads are quick, easy to prepare, and a great way to get everyone in the family to eat their veggies! Salads are my go-to weeknight dinners – we eat them at least once a week. That’s why I was so excited when Kraft sent me a bottle of their new Zesty Italian Anything Dressing to sample for this ...

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United Airlines: Where is my Plane

United Airlines Dear United Airlines- I would love to talk to someone however your option is to submit a form. I am sure your form isn't long enough to contain my disappointment with the lack of service I received. Let me start from the beginning. I scheduled a trip months ago. It is my birthday trip mixed with work. I was asked to review a resort. The job I have is one of a blogger as you can see and it is my job to report on my life and my experiences thus the reason for this post. I ...

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Therafit Shoe Review

therafit shoe

 Therafit Shoe    Do sneakers keep your feet happy? Are they the answer to a day of heels. I was recently given a pair of Therafit Shoes to try out. I picked out the brightest pink I could find. You see I need to be able to see my feet. I will explain later.     Sneakers are a must have for any busy mom. From running errands, chaperoning field trips, catching a workout at the gym and chasing after your kids every mom needs a dependable pair of sneakers they can count on. Not any pair of ...

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Play Kitchen: Kidkraft Master Cook’s Kitchen Review


Play Kitchen Review: Kidkraft Master Cook's Kitchen The Kidkraft Master Cook's Kitchen has become a favorite addition to my preschool classroom. My 14 year old son offered to assemble the play kitchen for me. Knowing what a difficult challenge most kids toys are to put together I hesitantly allowed him to make the attempt. Leaving him to his task I was certain he would struggle; after all kids toys are not known for easy assembly. Shortly after I left I received a text message with a picture ...

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Gush App Review and $25 Amazon Gift Card Giveaway

Gush App

Get the Gush APP and enter to win a $25 Amazon Gift Card I am budget conscious but sometimes I just don't have time to sort thru all the sale ads that come in Sunday's newspaper or check all my favorite websites. Then I heard about this great FREE App called GUSH.GUSH is available on your Android Tablet/Phone and from your iPhone or iPad. It makes shopping from your tablet or phone simple and easy. GUSH has all your favorite stores and their deals in one handy APP. There is also a great ...

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Hair Chalk Review: Edge Blendable Hair Color

edge blend able

Hair Chalk Review: Edge Blendable Hair Color I need to say that I just discovered how to stop paying for my highlights. The Edge Blendable Hair color is so much better. In fact I am going to order a bunch of the yellow color. I was provided the full set of colors of Edge Metallic Hair Chalk for my review. I had a couple of helpers to review the hair colors as well. That is right I had all three of my children almost tackle me to use the product. This is what I liked they were easy to apply. ...

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Review Discount Gift Cards Part 2

discount gift cards

Discount Gift Cards at Review Part 2 Earlier this month, I had the opportunity to review, a place where you can purchase discount gift cards and sell your unwanted ones. I decided to use this website to sell a $25 gift card for Bath & Body Works that had been collecting dust in my purse for over a year. As I mentioned in the first part of my review, the online transaction was easy to complete and only took a few minutes. The following day, I ...

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Memory Foam Mattress Reviews: Tempurpedic Cloud Ergo Mattress Review

memory foam mattress reviews

Memory Foam Mattress Reviews I've had back pain for years now. Enough to drive me (and my husband!) crazy, but not enough to seek out doctor’s advice or medication. I assumed it was just me-after all, we owned a pricey pillow top mattress. I had been eyeing the tempurpedic beds for quite some time-ever since the bed came out. I just couldn't justify spending that much money on a bed. However, when we received out tax refund last year, my husband and I decided it was time to take the plunge ...

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Healthy Surprise Box Review


Healthy Surprise Box Review Recently I got the chance to review an awesome product called the Healthy Surprise Box! So what is a Healthy Surprise Box? It is healthy snacks snacks delivered to your door monthly! So every month you get to sample brand new good-for-you snacks! I think this is an awesome product for anyone that loves to try out new things, and wants to live a healthy lifestyle. Even your kids will love it! Here are the yummy treats that came in my Healthy Surprise Box: ...

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