Chuggington Die-Cast Railway from TOMY Review

train image

What can change a two year old's world? How about a new train set. The best part is it is easy for me to put together and take apart. It is lightweight and travels well. I love that it keeps my son busy. It engages his logical thinking as he tries to put the tracks together. He enjoys playing with the train and he has even convinced his older brother to help him build the tracks. I was pleasantly surprised that my daughter also gravitated to the train. She is 4 and she found just as much joy in … [Read more...]

KidsEmail Review and Giveaway


Being a mom I want to introduce my kids to the latest technology and since everything is done online now I know that it is important for them to learn how to use email. I want to give them their own email accounts, unfortunately free and regular email accounts are not safe for kids, some have inappropriate ads and even indecent spam messages. If I'm going to give my kids an email account to use, I want one that is 100% safe for kids and one that I can monitor. I found the solution with … [Read more...]

Wen Hair Care Review

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Fashion Friday- I have always wanted to try Wen cleansing conditioner. I will admit that I have stayed up late watching the commercial. We all want "model like" hair. We want to get up wash our hair by using a cleansing conditioner and look amazing. I was turned off by the auto ship and the low payment at first then you know they will raise the price. Then I saw a deal I liked. I saw a kit  on I was elated it was $39.00 so I spent $50 to receive free shipping. I also had 30% so I … [Read more...]

Custom iPhone Case #ThinkChristmas


I love finding cool iPhone cases. My phone is an extension of my arm so why not have it look awesome. It's like an accessory in that way. Although I love my cases, I actually decided that I'd order a custom iPhone case for my husband. He has a blog too so to support him, I wanted to get his logo on a case. It turned out amazing!! I love it! You may not understand the logo or get why I'm so excited but being able to put his logo on his cell phone case is the coolest! I was planning on … [Read more...]

Dinosaur Train Halloween Costume Review

Dinosaur Train Halloween Costume and Book Review

We recently got a Tiny Dinosaur Costume to review. The Tiny costume is made of high quality fabric that is really soft and comfortable for your child. The design makes it is simple for your child to put on and it zips in the front. The head and foot pieces are separate from the body costume, which is super easy to put on compared to costumes that are 1 piece - and allows to fit for longer because it isn't dictated by height. Reviewed by Devon for Madamedeals Halloween is right … [Read more...]

Glowing Reviews

glowing reviews

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of PULL-UPS® Night*Time for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine. I am in the midst of potty training my youngest. I have a head strong little boy. He will pee in his diaper if it is on. We have taken off his diaper during the day and are using the naked method. The problem is what do we do at night? We are not at the point where he can go himself during the night. He is still in the crib. I can't trust him to stay dry in underwear. I … [Read more...]

Michael Angelo’s Lasagna Taste Test

Michael Angelo's Review

The best part about being a blogger is I get to try things. I get to test them in the real world. Then I get to report on them. It is kinda of like a game of telephone on a larger scale. The true story is on Thursday we have a horrible schedule. I was looking for a solution to dinner aside from order a pizza. I wanted a healthier alternative. We tried Stouffer's meat lasagna which was our families favorite. We like the taste, price, and time it takes to cook. It is great for a pinch. I had … [Read more...]

Forever Flawless

forever flawless

Are Diamonds a girl's best friend? I say a girl's best friend is her husband. I am in Atlanta at a business conference and while I was here I found time to go to the mall. If you know me that isn't really that hard to believe. I am a shopper. I was pulled into a shop with the allure of free soap. I know we all like free stuff and I am a deal blogger. It was my intent to grab my soap and run but I met a very clever salesperson who convinced me that I need a facial peel. I know this happens often … [Read more...]

Rita Hazan Foaming Color Gloss Review and Giveaway!


Celebrity hair colorist Rita Hazan has launched her Foaming Color Glosses. This product will put the shine back into your hair while keeping colored hair. I recently received this product to review and I am quite impressed! The color foaming gloss was easy to apply right in the shower. The foam has a light pleasant scent and left my hair shiny and soft. The color foaming gloss added luster to my hair and made the gray around my temples less noticeable. This is a great product to use in … [Read more...]

Evenflo – Journey 200 Travel System, Crayon Scribbles- Review


Why is this is a great stroller? The answer is simple it is practical. I say that after buying about 15 strollers in the last eight years. I wish I went with the stroller system. I didn't I bought the car seat I wanted and then the stroller separately. It was a big mistake. The seat never fit correctly on the stroller. I did have a big enough basket. The stroller was a pain to fold. It also was heavy and huge. I am happy to report Evenflo - Journey 200 Travel System, Crayon Scribbles would have … [Read more...]