Tria Review


SHHH…. I have hair on my toes. I know you have hair somewhere you do not want it. I always shave off the hair on my toes when I shave my legs. I decided to start there with my review. I am reviewing the FDA-cleared Tria Hair Removal Laser is the first and only hair [...]

Tide Free & Gentle Giveaway


For over twenty years, I’ve used Tide liquid laundry detergent. My favorite has always been Tide with Bleach  Alternative. It consistently gets our clothes clean and leaves them smelling fresh but not perfumey. About a year ago, I saw Tide Free on sale, happened to have a coupon, and I bought it. Our family loves [...]

bamboo legging reviews

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  I love a little splash of color. I know where my daughter gets her fashion sense from. She fell in love with these leg warmers from Agoo. They are like socks with the toes cut out. They are adorable and fun to wear. She puts them with everything as you can see. It is [...]