Waterpark Vacations: Castaway Bay Sandusky Ohio Review

castaway bay sandusky ohio

Step into a Tropical Paradise at Castaway Bay Sandusky OhioEveryone wants to go on vacation to a Tropical Paradise but unfortunately not everyone's budget can support such a vacation. So the question becomes how do you escape the winter blues and not break the bank. I found the easy solution to be a vacation at an indoor waterpark. I am located in Michigan so there are a few options to pick from but not every waterpark is created equal in features, comfort or price. I have visited Castaway ...

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All New Roku 3 Review and Giveaway

Roku 3

Who Needs Cable When You Have a Roku? About 3 years ago, my husband came to me with a “radical” suggestion – to get rid of our cable television. Here’s some of what went through my head: “No cable? With two kids under the age of 5? I love TV! He must be out of his mind!!!”After the initial shock wore off, we took a look at the facts. We were spending over $70 just for basic cable. That's over $800 a year! No premium channels, no DVR. Our kids watched only a handful of TV shows on the same ...

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Build-A-Bear Party Review!


Recently, the great people at Build-A-Bear gave me the chance to review a super fun Build-A-Bear Party! I let my 4 year old pick out the guest list, and we ended up with 6 awesome kids age 3-7!  They had an absolute blast! Our Party Host Jen, was awesome and really knew how to keeps the kids engaged and having fun.  The whole process was easy, priced well, and most of all FUN! Scheduling a Build-A-Bear Party is So easy!I love how easy is was to set up my party! My favorite tool from ...

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Promgirl.net Prom Dress Review

prom dress

Prom Dress ReviewIs your daughter gearing up for prom? My daughter is planning her prom like she would be planning her wedding day. She is so excited to pick out her dress. We decided on getting a dress from Promgirl.net. PromGirl has so many different dresses and styles to pick from. ...

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Ashley Sleep Memory Foam Pillow Review

ashley sleep memory foam pillow

I slept with an Ashley Sleep Memory Foam Pillow and I liked it!I was so excited the day my Ashley Sleep Memory Foam Pillow came. I had been volunteering with a local homeless shelter all week and really needed sleep. This was the perfect time to try our a new pillow, or so I thought. I laid down for an hour nap but couldn't sleep since it was so soft I had to keep touching it and investigating all the cool things about it. I also couldn't decide which side to sleep on. See this pillow is ...

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Iman Makeup Review

iman makeup review

Iman Makeup ReviewI have tried Iman Products before and I actually wear a lot of their make up. I was excited again to do an Iman Makeup Review. I appreciate the quality and the colors in the line. I also like the price! I like that their line takes into account every skin color. I appreciate that you can buy the product at several large stores. I love how smoothly it can be applied and how long the look lasts. I completed my last review of the Iman Cosmetics Adorn line.Iman Makeup ...

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Body Aligner Pillow Review: pillo


Body Aligner Pillow Is there a super hero that can get me a good night sleep? I have 1 million pillows and of them are a Body Aligner Pillow. The reason is simple I had no idea that a pillow like this existed. I mean is it possible to find a pillow that will actually support your neck and align your back when you sleep. The answer is this invention does exist. Body Aligner Pillow I was recently asked to review a body aligner pillow called the  Pillo1. Dr. Raymond Hall  inventor of PILLO1™ has ...

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Holiday Gifts at BJ ‘s Wholesale

gift baskets

You can see our BJ WholesAle Store review if you have never visited there before. I know a lot of people think of BJ’s Wholesale Club as just a place for your household requirements. We are avid shoppers at wholesale clubs because they have some many wonderful things at amazing prices. I know this holiday you are trying to get the best value for your money. You are trying to find unique gifts for everyone on your list. There isn't a place that has more options from tires to video games and kids ...

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Ikea Bunk Bed Review

ikea bunk bed

I am going to be honest from the start I LOVE Ikea. I was very happy when they finally opened a store in Michigan and have been a loyal customer ever since. I would shop there every week except my husband says we can't afford it. I still haven't convinced him we could skip a few meals a week to allow me to go there more frequently. So I have resigned myself to going every couple of months and with a set budget. Some people do not understand why he doesn't allow me to go without a budget. The ...

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Wen Hair Care Review

wen image

Fashion Friday-I have always wanted to try Wen cleansing conditioner. I will admit that I have stayed up late watching the commercial. We all want "model like" hair. We want to get up wash our hair by using a cleansing conditioner and look amazing. I was turned off by the auto ship and the low payment at first then you know they will raise the price. Then I saw a deal I liked. I saw a kit  on Sephora.com. I was elated it was $39.00 so I spent $50 to receive free shipping. I also had 30% so I ...

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