Orange Salad Recipe

orange salad recipe

You may have heard of Ambrosia also known as Orange Salad to many children! Ambrosia is a fancy name for oranges combined with a few other ingredients for a simple orange salad. During November and December Orange salad is a great way to use fresh citrus.  This ‘orange’ salad can include satsumas, naval oranges,  tangerines, [...]

Turkey Salad

turkey salad

Turkey salad is a great way to serve Thanksgiving leftovers! Pair this Turkey salad with chips, crackers or put on a bed of lettuce for a quick and easy entree. Print Turkey Salad IngredientsTurkey, chopped Celery, chopped Onion, chopped Mayonnaise (light is fine) optional: Italian dressing, Rotel tomatoes InstructionsAssemble your turkey salad by mixing the [...]

Strawberry Walnut Salad

strawberry walnut salad

Perfect for Lunch or Dinner – The Strawberry Walnut Salad I am a huge salad lover but get tired quickly of Caesar and Greek Salads. It is so much cheaper to make them at home than to order out so I recreated a salad similar to the one I enjoy at my favorite local restaurant. [...]

White Rabbit Salad Recipe


White Rabbit Salad aka “Bunny Salad“ Combine the following ingredients and chill 3 C cottage cheese 2 T honey 3 T lemon juice 1/4 C raisins 1/2 C chopped nuts 1T poppy seeds 2 Medium tart apples diced Other add ins Peaches Pears Seedless grapes Orange sections Serve as a salad or side dish, or [...]