Valentine’s Day Drink

Valentine's Day Drink

Valentine’s Day Drink   I created this quick and easy  Valentine’s Day Drink for kids or the kid in you. I know this isn’t a hard recipe and really it isn’t all that clever but it is one that my children really enjoyed. I figured since my kids enjoyed it so much that we would have [...]

Valentines Day: Strawberry Shortcake

Lady Fingers Strawberry Short Cake

Easy Strawberry Shortcake   I believe in making easy, cheap and yummy recipes. This Strawberry Shortcake recipe took under 5 minutes. I even had little helpers and it was still quick and easy.I found it to be a treat that my children enjoyed and also one that you could whip up for someone older. It [...]

Better Than a Box -Kindle Book only $0.99

better than a box

Learn How to Transform Your Favorite Foods so they are “Better Than a Box”!  Better Than a Box: How to Transform Processed Food Recipes into Whole Foods Favorites Amazon has the Kindle Edition of   Better Than a Box: How to Transform Processed Food Recipes into Whole Foods Favorites for only $0.99 Better Than A [...]

Chocolate Dip Pretzels

Chocolate Dip Pretzels

Chocolate Dip Pretzels This is a very easy and simple recipe. Just buy some pretzels, insert a large marshmallow at the end and dip it in chocolate and roll on sprinkles. To make it more fun use red and white sprinkles, especially those heart-shaped ones. See it’s very easy to create fun snacks that kids [...]

Cheap Cake Decorating

cheap cake decorating

Our budget saving tip for today is on cheap cake decorating! My tip is very simple and is perfect just in time for making some Valentine’s Day treats. Instead of buying different colored sprinkles, which you would just end up having lots of excess and unused for months. You can simply buy plain white sugar. [...]

Valentine’s Day Cookies

valentines day cookies

Valentine’s Day Cookies were the perfect accompaniment to my daughter’s Valentine’s themed Birthday Party The party was a success and the Baked Brie was a hit. It made it to my personal archive of things I will make again. My house was full of laughter, fun, and yummy treats. No one left hungry and everyone [...]

Valentine’s Day Themed Party

valentine's day

We celebrated Valentine’s Day early this year. My daughter turned 9 and we decided to have a “Love” themed party. This was an easy theme to do because Valentine’s Day is right around the corner. I was on a mission to save so we hit the local Dollar Tree. We were able to pick up [...]

Light Pineapple Angel Food Cake

pineapple angel food cake

Lose weight and eat dessert with this Light Pineapple Angel Food Cake. I have a sweet tooth but trying to lose weight and eating desserts is never a good combination. My mom gave me a recipe for this Light Pineapple Angel Food Cake. The best part of the recipe is you only need 2 ingredients [...]