Kid Ice Cream Recipes: Ice Cream Sandwiches

kid ice cream recipes

Kid Ice Cream Recipes: Ice Cream Sandwiches A great summer treat is Ice Cream, and these kid ice cream recipes: ice cream sandwiches are a real hit in my house! They are a fun way to dress up regular ice cream, and my little girl loves being able to make them (basically) by herself! These ice cream sandwiches would be great for a kids birthday party, you could even set up a bar and let the kids makes their own! Here is how to make these Kid Ice Cream Recipes: Ice Cream ...

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Recipes for Kids to Cook

Recipes for Kids to Cook

Recipes for Kids to Cook My daughter is 7 and loves to cook. Hope everyone enjoys making this with their kids. There are a lot of ways you can change the recipe around to fit your family’s taste buds. Normally I would have used tuna but my daughter doesn't care for tuna so we used chicken instead. Recipes for Kids to Cook: Chicken and Broccoli Roll-ups [amd-zlrecipe-recipe:88] Thanks to Heidi G. for sharing this recipes with us! Also, check out these other recipes for kids to ...

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Caramel Brownie Chunk Milkshake from eMeals


* I am a participant in eMeals' blogger program. I received a one-year subscription to a meal plan of my choice, and I have access to extra recipes and information that I can pass on to our readers. I have not received monetary compensation from eMeals. The opinions expressed here are 100% mine. Caramel Brownie Chunk Milkshake I love opening my weekly menu plan from eMeals! And when I found the photo of this milkshake in my inbox, I knew it was too delicious not to share! I mean, look at it - ...

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Yummy Jello Kids Recipes

jello kids recipes

A Jello Kids Recipes everyone will enjoy  - Very Cherry Jello Salad My husband was craving something sweet and it was too late to bake. My daughter wanted jello but I knew my husband would need something with a little more substance. My daughter and I put our heads together and combined her favorite Very Cherry Fruit Cocktail with Cherry Jello. We created this delicious Jello Kids Recipes : Very Cherry Jello Salad [amd-zlrecipe-recipe:86] Check out these other Jello Kids Recipes Jello ...

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Low Calorie Taco Layer Dip


Low Calorie Taco Layer Dip   If you are craving something spicy, cheesy, yummy, and low calorie, then you will love this Low Calorie Taco Layer Dip! 7 layers of yummy ingredients that make one awesome dip! You can serve this over lettuce, with some tortilla chips, or even spread in on a tortilla! I love that this recipe is easy to make, tasty, and pretty good for you with only 183 calories a serving, and 14 grams of protein! Here is how to make this Low Calorie Taco Layer ...

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Kid Jello Recipes: Jello Cookies


Your kids will flip for this Kid Jello Recipes: Jello Cookies   Everybody loves Jello but after awhile jello alone can get boring. My daughter finished school on Thursday so we are on a mission to see what we can make with Jello. I am sure by the end of summer we will have tried Jello with almost everything and I can't wait to share these wonderful recipes with everyone else. Take the time yourself to try out our 1st recipe with Jello and let us know what you think of it. Keep Reading to ...

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Kids Meal Recipes: Pour in a Pan Pizza

Kids Meal Recipes

Kids Meal Recipes Have a child who wants to help but does NOT want his hands to get messy? I do and this recipe is the best solution for this problem! This is also a quick and easy kids meal recipes if you don't have ready made crust or time for a homemade one to rise. Kids Meal Recipes: Cooking for Kids Pour in a Pan Pizza [amd-zlrecipe-recipe:83] Thanks to Rachel C. for sharing this recipe! Do you love to write? Or can do crafts or have fun ideas for articles. MadameDeals is ...

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Simple Fun Recipes for Kids: Brownie Mix Fix-Ups

simple fun recipes for kids

Simple Fun Recipes for Kids When it comes to simple fun recipes for kids, it's hard to beat brownies from a boxed mix. Mix the ingredients, pour the batter into a pan, and in just minutes you're done and the kids are licking the bowl! My kids and I love to make this simple activity a little more exciting by creating our own "fix-ups" for our store-bought brownie mix. You can frost your brownies, swirl your finished batter with cream cheese or caramel, or add nuts, marshmallow, or candy ...

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Summer recipes for kids: Cola cake featuring Chek Soda!


Summer recipes for Kids: Cola Cake featuring Chek Soda!   Are you looking for some yummy summer recipes for kids? How about making a super moist cake, using Chek Soda? Using Soda in cakes cuts the oil out of the recipes, and makes your cakes moist, and yummy! My little girl loves this recipe, and it is a simple recipe to make, that your kids can help you with! This summer recipes for kids: Cola Cake featuring Chek Soda can be changed up in so many different ways by using different ...

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Strawberry Walnut Salad

strawberry walnut salad

Perfect for Lunch or Dinner - The Strawberry Walnut Salad I am a huge salad lover but get tired quickly of Caesar and Greek Salads. It is so much cheaper to make them at home than to order out so I recreated a salad similar to the one I enjoy at my favorite local restaurant. It combines the sweet taste of summer with the tangy bite of Blue Cheese, to create the perfect balance. Next time you are hungry for a delicious lunch or dinner make this Strawberry Walnut ...

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