Easy Parmesan Shrimp Pasta Recipe


“Post sponsored by Mirum. Opinions are 100% my own.”Mom! What is for dinner? Me: "Mom, what is for dinner?" Oh, wait! I am mom. I am the one responsible for making dinner. The panic sets in because you forgot that dinner needs to be served. You may also be like me and forgot on purpose or we can blame it on the fact that we were so involved in helping with homework that time got away from us.Panic is soon replaced with a plan.You run to your cabinet, and you cleared the pile of ...

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How to Cook a Turkey


How to Cook a TurkeyI was scared to cook a turkey. I mean it looks hard. I always remembered people looking like they have run a race after cooking this beast. I decided I would figure it out. I hope my post how you cook a turkey will help even the newest cook make a fantastic turkey.Ingredients:TurkeyChicken Brooth1 stick of ButterSalt and PepperOlive oilHerbs (You can use rosemary) I cheat and use Herbes De Provence it sounds fancy and tastes greatroasting ...

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How To Create a Decadent 3 Course Meal On A Budget

How To Create A Decedent 3 Course Meal On A Budget

How To Create A Decadent 3 Course Meal On A BudgetYou guys, I have some exciting news! Recently we found out that my daughter (who has just moved to a brand new school in a whole new town) was one of only two 3rd graders in her school to get cast in her musical theater production this year. This means that in a few short months she will be on her way to Atlanta without me for 4 days to enjoy the Junior Theater Festival and perform for awards and trophies. How exciting is that right? I was ...

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25 Delicious And Easy To Make Thanksgiving Side Dishes

25 easy thanksgiving side dishes

25 Delicious And Easy To Make Thanksgiving Side DishesThanksgiving Side Dishes- This morning when I woke up I checked the temperature. I was super pleased to see that is was a balmy 52 degrees. After months of waking up to 80-90 degree temperatures I am SO ready for fall and she is finally here! Fall is my favorite season. I love the cooler temperatures, the changing fall leaves, and the start of the holiday season. We have just moved into our first home and I have decided that I will be ...

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Who Else Wants A Quick and Easy Dinner Idea?

Awesome Burger Recipe

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Tyson Foods, Inc. All opinions are entirely my own.Who Else Wants A Quick and Easy Dinner Idea? Monday night was a night like most others. I picked up the kids from school. They looked like they had been to war and back and they were dirty, tired, and of course hungry. I helped with their homework and got them started on their chores, resolved the arguments, and stopped the complaints before they escalated. It was a night like most others. ...

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Quick and Easy Italian Meal

Michael Angelo’s Lasagna with Meat Sauce

"All ideas, recipes, & opinions are entirely my own however, this is a sponsored post on behalf of Michael Angelo's™."Quick and Easy Italian Meal Have you ever gone somewhere and ended up with other people's kids? It happens to me all the time. I do not mind one bit. I frankly love having children in my house; it keeps my kids occupied, and I can check some things off my chore list. I used to worry about the amount of food I had on hand to deal with our extra guest, but now I just pick ...

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Halloween Recipe: Magic Witch Potion

Magic Witch Potion

Halloween Recipe: Magic Witch PotionLet’s brew up some magic witch potion! You can use anything you have in the frig, I used a can of sprite, Kool Aid mix, bottled water, apple cranberry juice. The trick is disguising these as creepy Halloween concoctions! For the can of sprite: I put it in a black cozy to cover the label & used a sharpie to color the top of the can that still showed. I made a little “goblin spit” label and attached it with scary eye stickers. For the Kool Aid ...

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Halloween Mummy Spinach Bread Dip

Spinach dip

Halloween Mummy Spinach Bread Dip RecipeAre you planning on cooking up some yummy recipes for Halloween and the coming holidays? If yes, then you shouldn't pass up this chance to check out Kraft Foods Cooking Up Good. They have lots of mouthwatering recipes, cooking tricks, coupons and even prizes.I decided to recreate their Halloween Mummy Spinach Dip recipe. I love this spinach bread diprecipe. I think it was so easy to create and tasted so amazing. I found the instructions were easy ...

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